"I am an actor."

Translation:Ich bin ein Schauspieler.

June 14, 2017

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I thought you do not use the article "ein/eine" with a profession and with a citizen of a Country. I thought this would be: "Ich bin Schauspieler." Can someone please tell me why this isn't like: "Ich bin Americaine"? Or "Ich bin Professorin"? Danke.

EDIT: Weird! This time it counted "Ich bin Schauspieler" correct, which is great. But what's weird is that each time I was presented with this exercise, the Discussion comments were different! In one discussion, mizinamo explained why you can eliminate the "ein/eine" article, and in the other one, there was no discussion about this topic at all! Oh, well, I'm happy that I HAD remembered this rule correctly from years ago. :)


Why not "einen"? Because Schauspieler refers back to the nominative "ich"?



With "to be", and a handful of other verbs such as "become"; both sides are in the nominative case.


Why not "Ich bin Darsteller"?


Because the name of the profession is "Schauspieler".

"Darsteller" is used for specific tasks performed by a "Schauspieler". For example, I would say:

Ryan O'Neil ist als Darsteller des Barry Lyndon sehr ├╝berzeugend.

There's also "Hauptdarsteller" (leading actor), "Nebendarsteller" (supporting actor), "Charakterdarsteller" (character actor) -- these, too, refer to specific roles the actor plays. Their profession, "Schauspieler", always remains the same.

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