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  5. "Ich nehme es."

"Ich nehme es."

Translation:I take it.

March 22, 2014



I realize thate we are still in "present verbs" cateogory, but "Ich nehmen es" can (if I understand correctly) can be used in future. "I will take it" is clearly implied. And all German present tense can be used in future (w/ the werden).. Correct me if I am wrong here.


I am not 100% sure what you are asking for, so i just try to answer everything ;)

The futur I is not constructed with the present tense, but with werden + infitive:

"Ich werde es nehmen."

Your example "Ich nehmen es" is not correct because "nehmen" is either first/second person plural or infinitive. It could be:

"Ich nehme es" -present

"Wir/Sie nehmen es" -present

"Ich werde es nehmen" -futur I

BUT: German is not very consequent in using the gramatical futur for futur events. If it is clear from context that something lies in the future or if a temporal adverb in the sentence marks it as futur, german very often uses the gramatical present:

Ich nehme es morgen. I will take it tomorrow.


Would this (or some form of this) verb be used to "take someone/something" to another location, like if you are taking your child to the dentist?


Can "Ich nehme es" be used in German to say "I understand that" like it's said in English i.e "I take it you didn't like the present"


No, „Ich nehme es“ doesn't mean that.

The separable verb annehmen does however translate to to suppose / to assume, which I guess could just as well be expressed as I take it, …. But AFAIK that doesn't imply 100% certainty – at least not in German.

„Ich nehme an, dir hat das Geschenk nicht gefallen.“ / „Ich nehme an, dass dir das Geschenk nicht gefallen hat.“ – “I take it that you didn't like the present.”

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