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Duolingo Conjugate Button

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How come in the French "Tips and Notes" for the very first lesson, it says,

Whenever you want to learn a verb's conjugation, hover your mouse over that word and press the "Conjugate" button. However, when I go to do just that, it doesn't appear at all.

Originally, I was thinking this was a French exclusive bug. However, when I went to check Spanish lessons, they also no longer have a conjugate button. When I started my Spanish lessons in late March, they did have a conjugate button. But then I did notice it disappeared, but I only thought that it was because they were not present tense verbs. Apparently though, this is not the case, which I found out recently:

Can someone please explain why this is happening? Or when it started happening? I understand that you can still find verb conjugations in the "Words" tab, but I miss having access to all the verb conjugations mid-lesson. After looking at forums a bit, I noticed that something similar happened around 2 years ago due to a bug. I hope this is similar.

1 year ago