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  5. "Es una nota de mi mamá."

"Es una nota de mi mamá."

Translation:It is a note from my mom.

March 5, 2013



"It is a note of my mom." why can't i use of? any ideas? (i'm note a native english speaker)


You could say "It is a note of my mother's" or "it is one of my mother's notes", but both imply that your mother also has other notes, and this is just one of them. I think what you are trying to say it "It is my mother's note"


I was marked wrong for saying, it is my mother's note. How would you say that in Spanish?


I think to say "it is my mother's note", you would have to say "es la nota de me madre". I think because it the sentence includes "una", it changes the meaning of de because one would not say "it is my mother's a note"


albkpkr- Mi madre


+1 Not sure why you were downvoted. Given the context it was a pertinent correction.


i wrote "its my mother's note." I dont understand why i am wrong. This is a very ambiguous sentence to translate. I would think that in order to say "Its a note from my mom" would translate as "Es una note desde mi mamá." Am i wrong and why? Thanks


It's my mother's note is not accepted. Why ?


Same question here. de could be translated in both ways: from and 's (of somebody).


Because "It is my mother's note" means "es la nota de mi madre/mama", which implies we are referring to one single note; not what the originial sentence says: "una nota" (among others she wrote).


Why is there no personal a in the Spanish sentence?


How do you say "this is a note to my mother," if de is from? "Es una nota para/por mi mama"


I think just "a" could mean "to". If you wanted to say, "It is a note for my mom" = "Es una nota para mi mamá". "Para" can also mean "to". "For" and "to" in this case mean about the same thing so "para" probably works for both.


Why "it is a note by my mom" is wrong?


Couldn't you say "It's a grade from my mom" or "It's a remark from my mom"?


Could it also be "It's a note ABOUT my mother"?


do not impose the American word mom on non American English speakers

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