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Getting my students signed up for their phone

I have decided to use Duolingo as my adult class's homework. I set up the classroom, sent a link by gmail to all my students, see that I have 13 students signed up in the group. Tonight I went to see how much they did, and all their scores were zero. They pulled out their phones and showed me that they had done a lot of work, but it wasn't showing up in our classroom.

I really want to use this with a reward system. How do they sign up on their phones? Also, they are Vietnamese students learning English if that helps.

June 14, 2017



You can only see the progress of your students, if your own "classroom" account in www.duolingo.com is set in the same base language as your students (Vietnamese).


Oh yeah, I was reading the question incorrectly. I thought I'd need to dive in more, but this was the issue.

In "Classroom Settings" the Duolingo Language course was set to "Vietnamese" which meant that it was only showing results for students learning Vietnamese. I have corrected it and now the results should show up correctly.

My apologies: we should make it more clear in the interface that this should be the name of the language your students are learning.


You just confused me, but it's working exactly the way I wanted it to. This will be brilliant to show in class and reward the one with the most points. This homework is so much rewarding and helps students more than any worksheet I could give them thank you. Now: this was my beta class. If I sign up more classes, will I have the same issue, do I need to do something differently?

Also, while I have your attention, can you setup a class communication system, so this is our main platform and we don't have to use two platforms? (I know I ask the world)


The only thing you should do differently when setting up another class, is to make sure that when it asks for "Duolingo language course..." to put in "English". Once you choose that, it will then ask you for what language your students speak and you can put "Vietnamese" there.

At the moment, there are no plans for a class communication system, but thank you for the feedback!


Wait, What??? But I don't speak Vietnamese, I speak English, that is why I am an English teacher. Is this on purpose, or are they still working out the kinks?


The value in "Classroom Settings" is just to configure what course your students are learning. You will still see the site in English. It's just a bit of confusing wording in the settings.

I've tweaked your settings for you though, so it should work as you'd expect, now.

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