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  5. "わたしはオリンピックに出たいです。"


Translation:I want to participate in the Olympics.

June 14, 2017



Deru means to appear for instance on tv or at an event. To come out to in a sense


I thought that Kanji meant exit? I thought this would mean I want to leave the olympics.


It also means to appear. If you see a ghost while in Japan, shout, 出たー!


Yeah it means "to exit" as well. It has tons of meanings (http://jisho.org/search/%E5%87%BA%E3%82%8B).


In spanish we have a similar case with "go out/exit" (salir in spanish), as in "i want to appear in tv"-> yo quiero salir en tv


Oh yeah. I just noticed that.


It gets more fun when you spend most of your life trying to figure out " wo deru" or "ni deru". Both are possible.


を出る=go out of

に出る=participate in


God bless you man


Haha. We have the same in Czech language "vystoupit na podiu"=participate, "vystoupit z vlaku"=go out of the train


You can just think about the word "exit" in English.

A sentence that breaks your thinking of "wo deru" and "ni deru"「村をオリンピックに出ます」- "I exit the village into the Olympics."

Movement verbs in English can already imply more than physical movement. Consider: "I was into fishing." "I will go into the translation industry." "I left my old habits behind." "I approached the problem well prepared."

It's fine to imagine yourself walking towards and away from a concept. You can usually get the meaning right just by having that picture.


De isn't meant to be used for exits? I thought here it meant to leave? And the kanji for enter is ised for put in etc


It's the difference between the Japanese and English languages. In Japanese the word exit/leave (go out) and showcase are the same word.

Think of a "coo coo" clock and the bird "coming out/going out" of the clock (i.e. Leaving the clock). That's 出.

Now pretend that the "coo coo" bird is an athlete going out onto the field and "bingo-bango!" Now you have our lesson example!

Another example would be a model that's too sexy for his shirt... (You know what I mean?)




The word bank gave me the option to say "I want to die in the Olympics," and I'm worried


The upcoming olympics in 2020.


Does this actually mean "participate" or does this mean "go out to"?


It specifically means to appear in, as in to participate. You would only use this meaning for activities where your participation is meant to be showcased. e.g. competitions, recitals, theater, etc.


Can't understand why Duolingo doesn't even accept 私(わたし) 8/27/2018

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