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Suggestion for Duolingo: Customized Characters

There is literally nothing to do with the lingots now because you can't take the progress quiz anymore, which was probably the only useful thing you could spend your lingots on after purchasing everything from the store. Now, the lingots are completely useless.

However, I have a great suggestion for the Duolingo team. You can let everyone have their own Duo character, which they can customize and buy clothes/hats/shoes/dresses/etc for it with lingots they earn by completing skills, having day streaks etc (just like now), and also let people get new things for their character once they complete a skill in their tree or reach a new level. That would make Duolingo much more fun and enjoyable!

If that would happen, even people who have loads of lingots with no use would be able to do something fun with them, rather than just keeping them and looking at them at the top of the screen. It would really motivate people to learn languages in Duolingo, because they would want to have a specific thing to their character, which they can obtain only by spending lingots they can earn by completing skills/day streaks/etc.

What do you think about that? Do you thing it should be different somehow? let us know!

June 14, 2017



I know they're working on something with the lingots, but you can also customize the owl on mobile.


You can only give it 2 customs on mobile, nothing more. Why not make it so we can have A LOT more customs for Duo, and make him looking just like how we want him to be, when we have a lot of items for him to wear that we can choose, and have them equipped along with each other (such as hats, shoes, shirts, pants, ties etc).


This is a language learning website, not an iPad game for 4 year olds.


Yesssss exactly what I was trying to say thank you sooo much.


Great idea! I think they should make that, too.

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