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Website update and userscripts?

It looks like the website has been updated, and a lot of the userscripts that I have running no longer work as a result. Is anyone else having this issue?

June 14, 2017



For over a month now, yeah. ;)

It depends on the scriptwriters (or whoever wants and knows how to code) to update them. So far the Skill Strength Viewer got an update and someone wrote a new version of the Course Switcher. There may be more but these are the ones I know of. I'm sure in time we'll get some of the other scripts back as well!

Some of the old userscripts still work on the forums, since they still run on the old code. This way I can still use the Wordstab by DuoTweak for example.


Thanks for the course switcher link! That was one of my favourite scripts

Also has it really been over a month? I could have sworn I was on the website only a couple of days ago


You're welcome! It was one of my favourite scripts as well. I was so happy when I found it!

They rolled it out slowly, the last batch of people only got it a couple of days ago, for me it's been over a month. There are some people having the rewritten page even longer.


The site has been rewritten as everyone has been talking about since months and officially announced several months ago. You find a lot about that here in the forum. The userscripts don't work anymore, yes. But they have never been officially supported by Duolingo.

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