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"Es IST die Stuhlen der Männer" or "Es SIND die Stuhlen der Männer" ? (answered)

In English you can say "It's the Man's chairs". Can we do the same in German? Is "Es ist die Stuhlen der Männer" gramatically correct?

Or should it be "SIE SIND die Stuhlen der Männer" ?

edit: oh, it's "Stühle", not "Stuhlen". Thanks! :(

June 14, 2017



You must use sind. By the way, in English I don't believe you can say "it's the men's chairs" – that sounds incorrect and unusual. Most would say "these/those are".


Oh, okay... Thanks. I'm not a native speaker.


In this situation, neither is correct. You would need to use 'Das sind...' (These/those are...) or 'Sie sind...' (They are...)

'Es sind...' as in 'Es sind Stuhlen' means 'There are chairs'. In this case 'es' translates as 'there'.


There are = Es gibt

They are = Es sind / sie sind


I agree, and I would just like to add that the word form "Stuhlen" does not exist.

It's "der Stuhl" (singular nominative), "die Stühle" (plural nominative).

So the sentence should be: "Das/Es sind die Stühle der Männer". (It's an awkward sentence, but it's correct).


Ooh thanks... I'm so bad at this...


Stühlen is Dativ. For a simple ist sentence, use Nominativ case - Stühle

Es sind die Stühle der Männer

..Oh btw, if you want to make an Umlaut, using "ue" is better than just "u", like Stuehlen. It's an old-fashioned way of writing, and not ideal, but a lot better than just Stuhlen (that means something... different...)


Thanks, but by "Stuhlen" I thought I was saying "chairs (nominativ)"...

My German is really bad... ;–;


Don't worry, many nouns have a Plural that works like that

Die Tanne (the fir tree) - Die Tannen (the fir trees)

Stuhl is one of those special cases where there is an Umlaut added in Plural.


Anyway, those things are called "Stühle" as plural of "Stuhl". I would say "Das sind die Stühle der Männer" for you need the third person plural of "sein"


don't feel bad about it. I have been learning English in school for several years, but the real insight came with reading books and magazines. You will have both vocab training and grammar exercise by reading. Then the right words will pop up in the right situation. You'll never stumble over those Umlauts again.

Anyway, a slight "accent" is nice sometimes and will be accepted.


Es sind die Stühle der Männer. Der Stuhl, plural: die Stühle. der Männer - the men's.

The man's chairs means der Stuhl des Mannes.

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