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Have done a lot of work on Turkish (from English) and some work on French (from English). Decided to try English (from French) today, opting for French as my 'control' language. As a result, have lost my Turkish and French which only appear as subscriptions described thus: "Tes abonnements : Français depuis l'anglais , Turc depuis l'anglais" and the only language which appears when I put the cursor on my photo is "J'apprends l'anglais niveau 6". Help!!

June 14, 2017

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If you switch your base language (the language you are learning from), some of your existing language trees may "disappear" from your menu.
Don't worry! They are still there.
To visit them again, simply change your base language back to what it was originally.
The skill trees displayed depend on what language you have selected as the base language.

Source: Duolingo Help Center

Thanks a lot/Teşekkür ederim/Merci beaucoup

If you're about to often need to switch between interfaces, the information here may interest you.

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