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What differences have you noticed on the "New" site?

I was just switched over to the new site. I've noticed some changes to graphics, some buttons moved, and no progress quiz. Has anyone noticed any other changes?

Also, is it any faster, as promised? Some pages load faster for me, but just as many are slower than before.

I always find changes to Duo exciting. Even if some of the changes aren't the most popular, I find it interesting to see where Luis wants to steer the site.

June 14, 2017



It is faster, but one thing to keep in mind is that the new site is only in effect for the home page and lesson pages (and practice/review sessions just like actual lessons). All other pages are still on the old site (like discussion pages). As someone who's been trying to fix the Duolingo Course Switcher userscript to work with the new site (and I have, just have a cosmetic thing to fix and look into language switching using PATCH instead of POST), a lot of the improvements are to the backend of Duolingo. There are a lot things that are represented and handled differently in terms of code.


I am a subscriber since 2 monthes only.Does new versus old site matter with me?


Most of the changes are pretty minor in the grand scheme of things. It was a big change when they went from hearts to the bar. Many people complained, but it helped keep people from quitting.


I think new users in the last six months or so have had the new version, so I don't suspect you would see any difference.


You can tell by clicking on the notification icon at the top right of the page - if the notification panel appears directly under the notification icon, you're on the old code, but if it appears over the middle of the page, you're on the new code. (but this test doesn't work in the forums - the forums are still on the old code for everyone)


It seems they fixed an issue with timed practice. Now if you click on a discussion it opens a new window. This alone makes the new update worth it. Since I finished my tree timed practice is 90% of my time here. It kept me from many good discussions.


I lost the ability to switch between the male and female voices. I only get the female voice now. This is on the "Questions" section of French.


On the former site I was only "forced" (in a good way) to get sentences right in a new lesson. Now I have to get it right also when strengthening: I get a sentence again when I didn't answer correctly. I like that change!

For me the new site doesn't seem to be faster, even slower.


Congrats on the streak!


Thanks :). Congrats on 3 times level 25! Your list of languages looks quite impressive.


When I type "l'", it fills in the radio button straight away, without me having to press space. Hooray :)


The new mobile site is app-like, with no builtin way to switch to full mode. (Actually i found a way: the words page has still the old design)


Since most of my courses don't have a words tab, I'm left accessing the "Add a course" menu to get to the full site!


It's much more difficult to switch between courses with different base languages. (may at long last have to have recourse to the userscript; thanks for updating it, LupoMikti!)

There's no free-report option on sentences anymore, which will probably save contributors a lot of abuse, but makes honoring requests like that from a Ukrainian contributor to explain why missing sentences are right impossible, barring clogging up the sentence discussions.

I can't seem to open as-yet-empty sentence discussions. Others in the Troubleshooting forum have mentioned experiencing the same thing. I'm sure it's a bug they'll have fixed soon.

Completely unshockingly, translation tier indications are gone for those languages where they didn't disappear months ago. However, the Quiz Results link is still present, just resulting in a 404 error. Don't know how to read the tea leaves as to what that saws about the possibility of the Progress Quiz returning.

The lessons do seem to load and execute a bit faster, which is nice.

I'm with you that opening discussions in a new tab is as improvement. Sometimes Google just can't find a discussion page, and I like using the dictionary feature that's available when a sentence discussion is in its own tab. However, opinion seems somewhat split, perhaps largely between those who do a lot of timed practice and those who don't.

EDIT: If you leave the cursor over the sentence to be translated, hints will automatically pop up when the new sentences comes. You have to remember to move it out of the way to avoid undesired peeking.


I appreciate the thanks, but I haven't released anything yet because of the issues I mentioned. In the meantime, jrikhal has released his own version for the new site that people seem to like (but I don't like the idea of having all the languages listed by default. What I liked about arekolek's version is that it only populated what it needed, so I wanted to fix that version of the script. arekolek himself should/will be updating the script once he gets the new version of the site).

I share your sentiments with regards to the removal of a free-reporting option. I would typically use it for those circumstances when the issue seemed either too small or too different from the available options. I haven't done a Timed Practice in a while, but it's good to hear that the new discussion thing is helping with that. I would have counted myself in the camp of "not enthused by it" before I started hearing how it "fixed" Timed Practice. I'd still like to see a return of the Review feature though.


I did not lose the review feature with the rollover to the new website. I sort of suspect they only rolled it out once they had that omission dealt with. It seems a bit more clumsily laid out than the old version (three squares and a big blank space to a row), but it's there.


Well it would seem that I have made quite the silly error. I still have the review feature; it was simply the case that the button was the same color as the background of the bottom portion of the lesson because of the userstyle I'm using (and have tweaked to my liking). This made me think the button had disappeared entirely.

Out of curiosity, what exactly seems to be clumsily laid out? I can't quite figure out what you're referring to with that.


For me at least the panel looks like this:

There's space for a fourth box in each row, but there are only three (where there used to be four), so it looks off centered. That's all.


It probably has to do with your screen resolution and zoom settings (both in browser and in OS). I have a full HD screen (1920x1080) with my OS set to have everything at 125%. I have default zoom in browser. This is what it looks like for me:

Edit: This is in Chrome too. Thought it important to mention that.

Edit 2: I just noticed that the checkmark and x icons aren't centered for me and that is quite annoying to look at.


I'm on desktop, and the new lessons pages are slower for me as of the switch. This is particularly pronounced with the audio loading. I hope it's a temporary issue....


I'm using the site on a desktop and I'm finding that the audio playback is cutting off in the middle of a sentence sometimes - but then plays OK when I replay. It seems to be worse when doing the strengthen exercises rather than on the individual lessons.

Also, I don't know if it is connected with the new version or not, but none of my golden skills have weakened for at least 2 weeks.

  1. Ads.

  2. Userscripts broke, I had to either replace them or say goodbye.

  3. Sentence discussions open in a new tab.

  4. Partially completed skills do not look like a pie chart any more.

plus all what you said.

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