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Lower contrast makes it hard to read

The low contrast of the redesign makes it much harder to read and use. Please at least allow the option of greater contrast, because not all users are young people with great eyesight. Thanks for a great site!

June 14, 2017



Oh yes. Whoever came up with the current fashion to use light grey text on white background ought to be put up against a wall.


We haven't changed the contrast on the website, as far as I know.


For the past three years, I have written and maintained a Stylish theme that modifies Duolingo's website to use a darker color scheme, many people have told me that my dark theme is easier on the eyes than Duolingo's default theme.

Unfortunately though, the latest website redesign unnecessarily obfuscates the HTML code and CSS classes that is needed for Stylish theming; which means that it would no longer be possible for me to reliably theme the site without the theme breaking with every small updates to the site. I have posted a petition to Duolingo to undo the HTML obfuscation so I can keep to continue maintaining my user theme.

If the petition for Duolingo to unobfuscate the HTML is successful and if there is enough interest in hi-contrast light color scheme (which I define by receiving at least 20 upvotes on this comment), I pledge that I will also create a hi-contrast light theme. This hi-contrast theme is going to apply some minimal changes to Duolingo's default theme to improve contrast wherever it's needed.


Thank you, Luis, I'm wondering if the firefox update changed the way Duolingo appears on the screen.


The other possibility is that we just started getting ads - which I support - this week and that's when I noticed a change in visibility. Things look grayer and ever so slightly smaller. Thank you for an amazing site that is such an important part of my life.


Commenting to bump this thread. When I answer a question where I construct a sentence by clicking on words, I cannot easily read the sentence I've constructed. So if I get the answer wrong, but the difference is subtle, I can't easily tell what I got wrong because it's hard to see what my answer was. It's light gray text on a white background and I have to put my eyes right on the screen to figure it out. Has it really been like this for all duolingo web users for three years? Has duolingo ever responded to anyone who gave this feedback?


Hello, the color of text on the grammar pages is too low.

The color hex code is #999 with contrast ratio 2.85 which is too low according to Chrome Developer tools (and people with not so sharp sight).

Here is a screenshot to illustrate this problem: https://imgur.com/a/upmRLSN


4 years ago, wow. i have the same problem.

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