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Duolingo in 5 years

What do you guys think Duolingo will be like in 5 years? What new languages do you expect added within the next 5 years?

I expect there to be courses for Hindi, Finnish, Chinese, and Arabic.

June 14, 2017



I'd like to see Finnish, Arabic and Chinese - in this order.


Hopefully, a Finnish course will be added to the incubator by then...


They need a feature to stop people from binge-learning.

And they also need to stop lingot inflation by making it harder to buy stuff.


Interesting. I'm pretty sure Duolingo markets the new hearts feature as a way to stop binge-learning. Key word: markets.


That was the point...


Health. It's called Health. Hearts is something else.


What do you mean?


Ha ha! I gave you a lingot, BelgianStr, because your comments are funny. You should do stand-up!


I thought this was funny as well xD


They might add more Japanese courses, because, at the moment, there is not much they have to offer...


I suspect you're right, even though the English for Japanese course doesn't seem all that popular. It has fewer users than English for Hungarian despite having ten times more speakers, is way behind English for Vietnamese, and is only narrowly ahead of English for Romanian. In short, I suspect all four of those base language are probably on tap for second course offerings.

It'd be interesting to see how French, German, Chinese for Japanese would do. I suspect the technical upgrades still happening to bring Japanese for English to the web will make these things much more feasible, and a great deal easier to build.


What do you mean, more Japanese courses?


Despite it's slow/non-existent progress, there is a Hindi course in the making.

Personally I'm still waiting for the stream-lined course creation process so we can get more than two languages per year. If the creation process becomes faster, maybe we'll also see less courses stalling completely like so many of the current ones have.


What do you mean "streamlined course creation process"?


I expect there to be courses for Hindi, Finnish, Chinese, and Arabic.



Chinese, Arabic and Finnish will be added, and you'll be able to chat with learners and study with them online together, that would make the learning much more enjoyable.


Middle and Old English


If it continues the way it is going I won't be around to find out.

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