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  5. "Amo tutti molto."

"Amo tutti molto."

Translation:I love everybody a lot.

March 5, 2013



Can someone try to explain "tutta/ tutto" and "tutti" to me?

(Ironically) the sentence before this was "So tutto" (I know everything). For "Amo tutti molto", I tried "I love everything a lot", but "tutti" then became about people (everyone), and not objects (everything). Hopefully there's a simple rule; one that stays consistent, in Italian.


Maybe it can help you.

Tutto = all: ogni cosa = everything (every-thing) => tutte le cose =>tutto = all

tutti (people) = all of them: ognuno (ogni uno) = everybody (every-one) =>tutti = all of them


come on, "i love everyone a lot" is wrong?


report it in the report field. ;)


I put exactly the same thing and it accepts it now, so thanks! :)


Google translator translate I love all much "amo tutti molto" and I love them all with "li amo tutti" and I agree with it.

Is bad english "I love all much" for the universal love ?

I mean people but non necessarily. The phrase could be related generally to the souls of animals and humans or even the objects if you are animist. ; )

As example "Guarda che bello uomini animali e rocce tutti insieme ! Amo tutti molto" : D


What's the difference between "a lot" and "lots"? As a native English speaker, I'd say they were pretty interchangeable?


I used lots. Perfectly acceptable in UK colloquial English. Not accepted by DL.


well, they did not accept: I love ALL a lot. I try to mix it up with various translations that are valid to see which ones DUO accepts. Occasionally, I am pleasantly surprised.


"amo tutti molto" ...maybe can be correct but who speak so? mah!


Duo ha così tanto amore che è necessario darlo via.

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