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Learn German with Songs - Part 1: Colors

Hello everyone!

Songs can really help with language learning, since melody and rhythm make it easier to remember. In this new series I'll share songs that can help your language learning.

For now I'll focus on folk- and children's songs, since a) they're easy and b) they're in the public domain, so I can be sure the video I link to will still be here tomorrow


Todays topic is "Colors" and todays song is "Grün, Grün, grün sind alle meine Kleider".

Credit to "Sing mit mir - Kinderlieder" for their cute video whose visuals will hopefully help you remember even better.

Core vocabulary:

grün - green

Kleider - clothes

lieben - to love

darum - therefore, that is why

Schatz - term of endearment, lit: treasure

rot - red

Reiter - rider, horseman

reiten - to ride

blau - blue

schwarz - black

white - weiß

bunt - colorful, motley

Maler - painter

malen - to paint

Additional vocabulary: These are words that aren't as common, but are necesarry to understand the song. You may learn them, but you can also just focus on the core vocabulary.

Jäger - hunter

Matrose - sailor, seaman

Schornsteinfeger - chimney sweep

Schornstein - chimney

fegen - to sweep

Müller - miller


You may already know that that the 1st Person Singular of "lieben" is "Ich liebe". However the "e" at the end of 1st Person Singular verbs may be dropped in colloquial speech. When written down this is usually signified by an apostrophe: "Darum lieb' ich, alles was so bunt ist"


Maybe you noticed that "Reiter" is not a profession, so the rider does not really fit in with the other boyfriends. This is because the "Reiter" is a relatively new addition to the song. In the old-timey version of the song the "red" boyfriend was a butcher (Metzger), which may be a bit macabre, espcially for a cute Youtube video. So I see why it was changed.

Practice: Answer in German:

Welche Farben haben die Kleider die ihr heute tragt? (tragen - to wear)

Welche Farben liebt ihr? Warum?

Discussion: Do you like this series? What could I improve? What topics would you like next?

June 15, 2017



Das kenn ich noch aus dem Kindergarten!


Es ist nützlich. Danke!

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