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The ads have hit!

Alas, I logged onto my account yesterday to find that my account has finally been rearranged to display the ads. I had escaped from them for so long, but not any more. :( Hopefully they will help Duolingo stay around for a long time!:)

June 15, 2017



The ads on the website don't get in the way at all. Sometimes, I even click on them to help Duolingo.


Yeah - I understand why some people dislike ads, but they don't really bother me. I mean, how long did people expect duolingo to go on, with no ads and for free?


Yeah, it was a little too good to be true!


And there's really not that many ; )


They don't bother me at all as well. It is still for free. You can learn without paying money. Ads are a good way to keep it up.


Yeah! Even with the new update, Duolingo is the best language learning website I know.


So far the ads don't seem to detract from the program in any serious way. They occur in a predictable pattern just after each lesson is completed and are easy to ignore. If they enable Duolingo to continue as a free service...then it's a fair trade off..


I kinda agree with this person. Ads are those type of things that make us buy things. Doing duolingo kinda makes me miss ads. But some times they could be annoying, Love-hate relationship


Honestly,duolingo is STILL way too good to be true and if they decided to make adds part of their site, good for them! The adds aren't even that annoying.


I turned off my adblocker when I heard about the ads. I'll leave it off as long as Duo keeps them reasonable.

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