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Can anyone recommend a Spanish learning app for young kids around 7yrs?

Duolingo's method is great for kids but some questions/tasks are too difficult for younger ones. I would love for my 7yr old to use a similar app to augment learning.

June 15, 2017



I guess you should explain to the 7 year old what its asking? Now im 15 but when I think back to me being 8 I can see/feel that I could have answered the questions they ask


Thanks. She gets frustrated with the typing portion, I think. And we do practice together. I'm new to Duolingo and it seems like you really need to use TinyCards in conjunction, not just Duolingo, because there are words that you come across that are on TinyCards but not Duolingo.


Try getting him/her program called Rosetta Stone. That program is designed to make you learn as if you are a child. It does not have a translations. Mostly pictures and listening. Like, you hear a word and then you need to click on the picture to get a correct answer. It should be interesting for little kids. Better than typing ;)


I don't know, Duolingo is pretty simple. You could learn together with him/her. If you don't think it suits your kid's age, I recommend Dora the Explorer.


Well, there is the app by ATi Studios called "Kids Learn Languages by Mondly". You can give it a try. You might even find one on Memrise.


Mind Snacks apps are cool. They have different mini games, some are about spelling but you should be able to get away with just not playing them. But they are cool, too, so maybe this is a good way.

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