June 15, 2017

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Can someone write all the numbers from one to ten


(1) いち (2) に (3) さん (4) よん or し (5) ご (6) ろく (7) なな or しち (8) はち (9) きゅう (10) じゅう


Why are there options for 4 and 7?


Because し『死』also means death 。


Did you know that this has actualy created an irational fear of the number four, tetrophobia?


よん(四) and なな(七) are, for everyones information, basically stolen from another ("more Japanese", "older") way to say numbers. Sometimes still used. The numbers would then go ひとつ(1) ふたつ(2) みっつ(3) よっつ(4) et cetera. Correct me if I'm wrong.


きゆう=kiyuu; きゅう= kyuu.


Counting ...cupa?


Hitotsu is mor like first iirc. Numbers are a delicatesituation in japanese because they have doffernt words for different situation. For example counting cupa has a different word than counting people


The numbers with tsu are used to count certain objects.


Can't 9 also be ku ?


Why my nine 'きゆう' i write like this....but it says wrong answer..why?


You have きゆう "Kiyuu" (three syllables) instead of the correct きゅう "Kyuu" (two syllables)
The size of kana is important as changing the size changes the pronunciation and the meaning of the word.


Ichi Ni San Yon Go Roku Nana Hachi Kyuu Juu


The kyuubi or nine-tailed fox from Naruto... anime makes it so much easier than usual to remember these words


What's the purpose of ゆ? It's like when they use つ to glue two characters? What are these called?


The small つ creates a pause in the middle of the word when said in Japanese. It also doubles the first letter of the next character when written in romaji. (きっぷ is written as kippu)


Small ゆ combines き and ゆ together and reads as kyu.


they're called small hiragana, and yeah. this one puts a y sound between two characters


九 is wrong?I can't understand.


I think they just over looked it. From what I've learned the admins have to input accepted answer.

I got this wrong too. 22 Nov 20 Went a head and reported it.


How come it's pronounced Kyu and spelt as Ki Yu U


That's because the 'yu' is smaller. When 'ya', 'yu', or 'yo' appears smaller, it will always come after a character that ends in 'i' (such as ki or shi) and it is combined. In this case, きゅう is pronounced "kyuu".


Shi actually changes differently with little ya, yu and yo. It turns to sha, shu, etc. Same with chi.


How do you alter the size of the characters on the keyboard? I'm not sure how to resize them


If you're using romaji input you can either type the word as it is pronounced (typing "kyuu" instead of "kiyuu") or to get the character by itself small add either an "l" or "x" before it, "lyu" or "xyu"


How do you make ゆ small?


why is 九 marked as wrong


Although 九 does mean nine, this is a Hiragana lesson. You'd need to right it as きゅう.


Can anyone help me find a way to distinguish 'nine' from 'today'. I keep putting kyu for today and kyo for nine.


9 is kyuu, and today is kyoo


I don't know how to make the ゆ small


Small kana alter the pronunciation of the kana before it, so if you're using romaji input you can make kana small by typing that new pronunciation "kyuu" (two syllables) and not "kiyuu" (three syllables)

You can also make kana small on their own by adding an "x" or "l" before it, "xyu" or "lyu"

If you're using direct kana input the shift key will switch large kana to small.


九 was not accepted for "Nine"...


Because this is a Hiragana lesson, you need to put it in such form. きゅう


I'm using a Japanese keyboar do type きゆう and it keeps saying it's wrong??? Very confused


Note the size of the ゆ; it isn't the normal "Yu" kana, but the small ゅ that modifies the sound that comes before it
きゆう says "KiYuu" which makes three syllables and would be incorrect
きゅう is written and pronounced "Kyuu" only two syllables and means "nine"
Type "Kyu" instead of "Ki yu"


Hi, I'm using Japanese handwritten google keyboard, sometimes even when I'm right , my answer doesn't get accepted, why? For eg : 9 is written as ki+yu+u = きゆう , but it's still showing wrong. Same thing is happening with some other words too. Any idea why this this is happening?


I had the same issue, I found that downloading a Google Japanese Keyboard and hitting the bottom left button after typing a character changes the size. It should be the one with the dakuon ( symbols that change the sounds of characters) , and should be the 4th from the top left and 1st on the bottom. I do hope this helps.


The problem with handwritten input is that there are many characters in Japanese that are very similar in appearance and IMEs aren't smart enough to distinguish context and always convert to the correct character.

You have the wrong sized ゆ in there, writing "Ki yu u" as three syllables, but 9 is actually きゅう, with a small ゅ to say "kyuu", only two syllables. The small kana combine with the kana before it to alter its pronunciation.


Why do you need the "う" at the end? Isn't it just pronounced "きゅ"? Please help. Thanks!


Vowel length is important in Japanese. Changing the length of a vowel changes the pronunciation and can completely change the meaning of a word. If you don't type the proper vowel length in hiragana an IME also will not convert it to the proper kanji.
for example, おじさん ojisan - Uncle おじいさん ojiisan - Grandfather
ほし hoshi - Star ほうし houshi - Service/ministry ほしい hoshii - Want


Ohhh! I understand now. Thank you for the helpful explanation!


I thought the small yo, not this character, was to create the "y" sound. (Hence I choose that answer). So, what's this small hiragana called. More importantly though, what's the small hiragana "yo" do for pronunciation ? - since I obviously leaned something backwards.


If you put a small よ the word has to be read as kyoo. Because small characters combines itself with the previous character.


Ok、why is it not きゆう? Like why is ゅ smaller then ゆ ?


きゅう with the smaller ゆ is akin to saying kyuu (the word we're looking for)

きゆう with the bigger ゆ is akin to saying kiyuu, and isn't what we're looking for. Smaller letters modify the letter before them (though not all letters as you learn more you'll figure it out, it's mostly the i letters though with some exceptions.


Font size difference on smaller hiragana symbols is not large enough. Often cant realise thay shown symbol is the smaller one.


What's the diference between きゆう and きゅう? Ki-yu-u and kyu-u. I wrote ki-yu-u. Why that's wrong?


You've answered your own question there,
きゆう is "ki yu u" a three mora word
きゅう is "kyu u" a two mora word

They are different words with different spelling and pronunciation
きゅう is the spelling for the number 9
きゆう means "needless fear, groundless apprehension, unfounded worry"


Hello how i will write nine ..... Many times i have tried to write nine with japanese keyboard but why I'm wrong ,....i cared there is little space between きゆ and うjust tell me how do i write please....


Nine is きゅう with a small ゅ
The small kana combine with the kana before it to alter its pronunciation.
きゆう Ki yu u - three syllables
きゅう Kyu u - two syllables

With romaji input type "kyuu"
With direct kana input Shift + ゆ and with 12 keys it's ゆ and the alternate character button


Hey everyone,if anyone has any questions in Japanese ,see video of yuko sensei in YouTube .she explains really very well ,im a fan of her


So in this case we need to change our keyboard into japanese keyboard?


I keep losing hearts cuz im putting "きゆう" instead of "きゆう" but i have no idea what the difference is


The correct answer is きゅう 'kyuu" with a small ゅ
You're writing きゆう "kiyuu" with a large ゆ
Small kana combine with other kana to alter their pronunciation. Small ゅ turns き "ki" into きゅ "kyu"


Oh my god but where should I find a small ゆ?theres not any small one and I am using Gboard Japanese...


With romaji input type "kyu"
For direct kana input on a 12 key type ゆ and then the small/alternate kana button on the bottom left to change it to small ゅ


I wrote きゆう but the service didn't accept that


Yes, because きゆう is "kiyuu" three syllables, but the number "nine" is きゅう 'kyuu' two syllables.

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