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Can we have a phonetics guide for each language?

Surely, it probably does not matter in some cases, as we can just look up IPA guides for languages in question, but can we not have guide (such as this: http://www.internationalphoneticalphabet.org/ ) that can easily help us actually pronounce words and not sound like idiots? It took me a long to actually talk right in the first months of my learning German (and then other languages) because I have struggled to pronounce certain phonemes, as I did not know the names of certain phonemes and how they were produced.

June 15, 2017



Well, technically, I do not need any help, as I have used sources online that have shown me how to speak better than I initially was, and if the IPA guide on the website does not sound like a good idea, I am happy to take this discussion off. I can just stick to using IPA guides for languages.


I just thought that the shortcut to the guide might be useful '''for everyone else''' on this website, but if it just does not sound like a good idea, I am happy to retract the idea.

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