I am kind of, but not really sad about the bots.

As far as I know, the language bots of duolingo are available only on iOS. After much searching (I even went as far as checking the second, even the third page of google gasps) I ran out of hope exaggeration. I would really like to converse with a bot in german (since website bots bombard your computer with cookies, I do not trust any other website.) I would just like to ask when is the multi-platform bots coming to android or pc? I would like to sharpen my knowledge of such a beautiful language.

Also so I can talk smack about my friends with my german friend (who I'm trying to hit on winks) without them knowing :>

Cheers to the Duo team! And may they continue their wonderful work of helping the world understand each other through the most basic means, the language.

June 15, 2017


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You won't get an answer in the forums, it's always just soon or later.

June 15, 2017

I will reduce your pain thus: if you don't pick one of the one-word responses available on the menu, sometimes the bot will basically freeze, and sometimes it will respond nonsensically. In short, you're not missing much.

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