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Do Emoji Have Syntax? (Computational Sociolinguistics)

Do Emoji Have Syntax? That is one of the questions tackled by Rachael Tatman. Read the full article here.

What's even more fascinating though, is that a whole new field inside of linguistics has emerged between linguistics and sociolinguistics, studying how we use language in computational context. That field is called computational sociolinguistics.

Sociolinguistics is another well-established field, which focuses on the effects of social context on language how we use language and understand. “Social context”, in this case, can be everything from someone’s identity–like their gender or where they’re from–to the specific linguistic situation they’re in, like how much they like the person they’re talking to or whether or not they think they can be overheard. While a lot of work in sociolinguistics is more qualitative, describing observations without a lot of exact measures, of it is also quantitative.

So what happens when you squish these to fields together? For me, the result is work that focuses on research questions that would be more likely to be asked by sociolinguistics, but using methods from computational linguistics and NLP. It also means asking sociolinguistic questions about how we use language in computational context, drawing on the established research fields of Computer Mediated Communication (CMC), Computational Social Science (CSS) and corpus linguistics, but with a stronger focus on sociolingusitics.

Read the full article here.

June 15, 2017



That's so interesting!
Thanks for sharing ^^


Thanks! I'm glad people are enjoying it. ^_^

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