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  5. "Her color is red."

"Her color is red."

Translation:Sa couleur est rouge.

March 5, 2013



I put "Sa couleur est rouge" but when I went back to check my answers before submitting it said "Elle" Instead of sa. so I changed it and got it wrong.. grrrrr


While I haven't tried it, would "Son couleur est le rouge" also work?


No, because "couleur" is a feminine noun. In French, possessive adjectives agree with the thing owned, not with the owner.


Thanks! It hadn't occurred to me that the word "couleur" could be gendered.


Every noun is gendered in French.


Why is there an article 'le' before rouge?


Red, in this sentence, is a noun which in French requires a modifier. The modifier here is the article le.


Why doesn't it translate to 'the red' then?


No, rouge is just an adjective here and of course we don't use article with adjective



When these comments were originally posted a year ago, the French sentence read Sa couleur est le rouge. When that was the case, rouge was a noun and that was why posters inquired as to why le was present in the Duo French sentence but not the in the English translation.

You are correct. Now that the le has been dropped, questions about why it was there are irrelevant. If rouge is taken as the adjective that it now clearly is, then the le previously present is not required and the would not be a consideration in the English translation.

I imagine that it was the concern raised in the comments posted here since this previous exchange that brought Duo to change the sentence to its current form. Without reading the rest of the comments below, this exchange above hardly makes sense when considering the current Duo example.


In other questions like this, this translates to "Sa couleur est le rouge." However, in this question, that choice is wrong. Why?


"sa couleur est rouge" mens "it is red" (less probably "she", except in very special context where human beings can be red).

therefore, "her colour is red" sounds wrong.

"sa couleur est LE rouge" means "her (favorite) color is red".



I note that Duo has now dropped the le from the French. Without the le, rouge stops being a noun and begins describing the subject's color. As you say, the most likely take on the sentence is its color is red.

At least that is how Dictionary.com renders it without the le.


Thanks for pointing to that.

You are right, if "rouge" is not modified by an article, it is an adjective used to qualify the subject of the sentence if the verb is a state verb (être, paraître, sembler, devenir, demeurer, rester).

"Her color is red" means that a woman is the owner of a color that is red. To be frank with you, I don't see very much what it could mean.

Theoretically, in French, "sa couleur est rouge" can mean that either an object or animal or human being is the owner (masculine or feminine) of a color that is red.

Referring to an object (flag, hat, dress...), "sa couleur est rouge" would translate to "its color is red" , which would indeed make sense.


....(possessive "its" does not have an apostrophe),....My bad and surprising that I didn't see it. I will edit accordingly.


Could it be for example she is playing Pool and the balls are blue and red but she's playing the red balls so her colour is red? Sa couleur est rouge.


But I put "sa couleur est rouge" and it says its correct. confused


Hang on - it required a "le" to be correct when this was translated from english, but when there is a choice of more than one, then without the "le" is acceptable? Hardly fair.


Why not elle for her?


"elle" is a personal pronoun = she

"son (masc sing), sa (fem sing), ses (plur)" are possessive adjectives = her


Either I have to start trying to actually remember things, or Duo should put "sa" in among the ways to translate "her"


You have to remember that "her" is "son, sa or ses" as a possessive adjective in front of a noun (masc, fem or plur, respectively).


I am still unclear as to what this sentence is saying. Is it simply the answer to "What color is your car?" " Ït is red." or Ïts color is red."

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