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The New Website

We originally announced the Web Rewrite project in this forum post, and we're happy to announce it is now rolled out to everyone! There are a lot of posts asking questions about the new website, so we wanted to give you a place to get the latest info straight from us. You can visit this article in our Help Center to read about feature statuses, known bugs, and frequently asked questions. We'll be updating that article and not this forum post - so bookmark it if you want to stay up to date :)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the web rewrite?

Also known as the "new website," the web rewrite project was a complete rewrite of the website from scratch, using newer technology that wasn't available to us when Duolingo started. You can find more details here.

Why did you rewrite the website?

The old website used outdated technology and became difficult to work with and maintain. As a result, making improvements to the website was a slow process. This new website is much faster and lighter in terms of data, so it works better especially for people with slow or unreliable connections.

When will I get the new website?

We have finished transitioning everyone to the new website, so you have it! If you created your account within the past several months, you may have been on the new website since the beginning.

When I go to the Words or Discussion tab, the site behaves differently. Why?

The Discussion and Words tabs are still under the old website, so you'll notice things like notifications opening in a popup instead of in the middle of your screen. Since the Forum is still quite slow, we are now focusing our attention on rewriting the Forum as well!

Why did you remove the Activity tab?

This was unrelated to the web rewrite. The Activity tab was removed from the old website as well, but now the (non-functioning) tab does not appear on the new website either. You can read this forum post for information about the removal of the Activity tab.

What will replace the Activity tab?

We have nothing concrete to share... yet. But we do plan to replace this social feature with something better!

Will UserScripts work with the new website?

UserScripts that were written for the old site will not work with the new website. However, many popular UserScripts have already released updated versions of their scripts that are compatible with the new site.

Why don't I get speaking exercises anymore?

Speaking exercises on the new website only work on browsers that support the Web Speech API, the most popular being Chrome. Unfortunately, the old speech system was outdated and a burden on our system. If you use the Chrome browser, you will get speaking exercises again.

How do I report bugs?

The best way to report a bug is:

  1. Check the article to see if the bug is already known.
  2. Search on the Discussion forums to see if the bug has already been reported.
  3. If the bug is not known and has not been reported, you can submit a bug report or post a discussion on the Troubleshooting Forum.

What's coming up next for web?

We can't tell you yet. ;) But the fact that we took the time to rewrite the site from scratch means that we are highly invested in improving the website and have many ideas for how to continue enhancing the web experience.

Please see the article for the most up-to-date information about known bugs and feature statuses.

June 15, 2017



What a wonderfully informative post, thank you so much!

Also: congrats on completing the rewrite in such a short time. I really expected it to take a lot longer and be a lot more painful. Kudos to the entire team!!!


I am not a fan of the new Duolingo's site. I am the author of a fairly popular Duolingo userstyle, which was popular with a number of heavy Duolingo users and late night learners. The userstyle was possible because Duolingo uses regular class names on its HTMLs, which allowed userstyles to target elements in the sites reliably even throughout various minor changes. I was committed to support the stylesheet as long as I am a Duolingo user and as long as it does not take up an unreasonable amount of my time.

However, with the new Duolingo updated page, the skill tree and lesson pages obfuscates the HTML class names. Class names that previously looked like .btn-primary now turns into autogenerated names like _1lig4. This makes it impossible for any userstyles to target page elements properly, as these names would break with every Duolingo release.

Please disable this html obfuscation.

I cannot continue supporting the userstyle if Duolingo obfuscates their HTMLs.


While it doesn't solve the difficulty makers of user-scripts may face with the new site I would like to point out to those "late night learners" instead of changing the website colours you can also use some software like f.lux to change the brightness of your screen for the late hours, or even inverse it in "darkroom" mode (red letters on black background instead of black on white).


Thanks for reaching out! I remain hoping the Activity will "be back" in a short time; I feel helpless without the people around. Also, I'm not sure why the friends list was removed!


The article in the help center:

Not planned: Activity stream (this had already been removed everywhere and is not related to the web rewrite)



the removal of the friends list seems completely unexplainable. I spent a lot of time trying to find it. Thank you for confirming that it is indeed gone too.


Good that the design wasn't changed much. But if you have a new, properly working site now, you should restore the Activity in some form.


*What will replace the Activity tab?

We have nothing concrete to share... yet. But we do plan to replace this social feature with something better!*

So this part kind of scares me. I may be misreading it, but it sounds like they're not saying what they're going to replace the social feature with. Will it be a better social feature? Or will it be like immersion, where they got rid of it and replaced it with bots? Did anyone else notice this? I, along with most other users I believe, am perfectly happy just with the old activity streams. Sure they weren't perfect, (why didn't I get a notification when someone replied, and they always got buried under a ton of other stuff,) but they served their purpose well.

Also, I have a few concerns about the rewrite. Why, for example, were friend lists removed? I mean sure it was kind of pointless but heck I liked seeing how many followers I had. I also heard quizzes were removed... and that is certainly bad. Also, I feel frustrated that on slower computers you can't access the sentence discussions, because it opens a new tab and slows the tab with the exercise. I think that might need some optimization, but I just checked and it works fine on a faster computer. Advertisements are fine, but please no pop-ups or videos.

I, like many others, am concerned by the growing monetization of Duolingo. So, please, Duo, please remember that there is a community out there. :)


You mention that you plan on introducing a "Friends list on profile", does this mean that the followers tab is gone forever? Will it work more like the "leaderboard" ( in which I can only see who I'm following )? Will I ever be able to see everyone whose following me on Doulingo again?

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I've "searched" on Irish audio (as per "Step 2" above), and can't find my specific issue anywhere, so I'm trying here (Sorry if it's the wrong place). As of about 2-3 days ago (I am literally an everyday user, so I know it is that recently), the Irish audio has gone haywire. Almost every audio line cuts off before the final word (or the final syllable), and does so on every play of it, no matter how many times I ask it to repeat. [On a related issue, Irish now seems to have a "Turtle button", which I had long been hoping for...but it does not seem to work -- I just get silence]. FWIW, the audio on French does not have this cut-off problem, so I am pretty sure it is not my end of the connection that is messed up.

BTW, before posting here, I also tried Step 1 above ("Check the article to see if the bug is already known."). I got a 404 error on that link.


The “turtle button” only works with those courses that use speech synthesis, such as the French from English course. It doesn’t work with courses that use voice recordings, such as the Irish from English course. It would have been better if the “turtle button” didn’t appear for courses that use voice recordings.

If you use a browser to run Duolingo, have you tried using a different browser to see if the audio goes haywire only in your usual browser? Have you tried running your browser without any add-ons active, to see if one of the add-ons might be responsible for the audio going haywire?

Use the “this article in our Help Center” link above instead of the “the article” link in Step 1 above (the latter should be the same as the former).

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Thanks! French audio works fine in Firefox, but not Irish. I got Irish to not cut-off by using Chrome... so that will get me thru for now. Hoping it gets fixed to work on multiple browsers !


Flashcards have gone? I found their reinforcement an essential addition to the learning process


Thank you so much for these two leads. I can see that pairing these sites in my learning experience will be MUCH enhanced! Hopefully. I look forward to seeing how progress in both (memrise so far) or all three build French competence. It is not clear to me why there isn't a link between duolingo.com and tiny.duolingo.com from the page that is our portal into the "duoloingo experience". I see there is a link after you complete a lesson - so, maybe my preference to "limber up" before the lessons is flawed?


I miss it too. They reinforced all the lessons at once. The new mini cards do not.


Thanks for reaching out with the communication; it's good to know what's going on between the community and the staff. To be quite honest, I'm hoping you'll bring back the activity feature; it isn't the same without it...


I could swear there used to be a 'Tips' button in a lesson that popped up an ilayer (or whatever it was) with the summary of that lesson's topic; so you could refer to it without leaving the lesson. Why was this removed?


You're right. It used to be possible to access the Tips & Notes while doing a lesson or practice. Now that button is gone, and the change doesn't appear to be reflected in the Help Center article.


Thanks for confirming I'm not crazy. Or, at least, not incorrect on this point.


i know what you mean! I felt I was going crazy when I wasn't sure if it was a site change or just me when the friends list disappeared recently.


Progress Tests are "under consideration" because you'd rather focus your attention on more popular store items? That's proof that Duo doesn't follow the forums and/or care what the users want.


Citing the article in the help center again:

Not planned: Activity stream (this had already been removed everywhere and is not related to the web rewrite)

Duolingo claimed that there were only "a few" people who used the activity stream.

Duolingo likes metrics, so here are some figures: including the hatching courses there are 93 courses. With roughly three contributors per course (not all who are listed as a contributor are active!) that makes around 300 people, just 0.0002% of the users. Take away these 0.0002%, and the site is dead.
Small figures matter. Carpelanam put it very well here.

People are starting to lose heart. Formerly active people have vanished. Where will Duolingo get good (unpaid!) contributors for new courses when there's nothing in for them, no immersion, no activity?

I've completely stopped answering questions by now because of the loss of activity. I may not count, I'm just a learner, not good enough to be a contributor. I never used immersion, but the loss of activity is bad enough for me to be disillusioned.


The contributor application page says "you need to be Passionate about languages and helping the world. This is what will keep you going." I always thought that meant "this will keep you building the course when it feels like hard work" but maybe it should be read as "this will keep you answering questions and helping with the course even when the tree is ready, because we won't be offering any other incentives for you to stay."

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I noticed a couple of changes to Duolingo yesterday that are rather annoying. I've been using a flashcard program, and I've been accustomed to creating flashcards by copying both question and answer together, pasting into the box for "Side A", then cutting the answer and pasting it into the box for "Side B". This eliminates accidentally copying "hints" along with the question, and puts my cursor where it needs to be to cut the answer to move it to the "B" side. Now it's impossible to copy the question and answer together, which makes the process less efficient. If this were the only change it would be a minor nuisance, but there's another change that's more frustrating. The question text appears as one line on the Duolingo page, but has newlines after every word and punctuation mark that show up when I paste. This puts every word and punctuation mark on a separate line. Stripping out the newlines one by one is very time consuming. This morning I tried pasting the material from a couple of lessons into a text file, then used "tr" in Bash ("tr -d '\n'") to delete the newlines, then pasted as usual into flashcards. It still took several extra minutes to do, though, and wouldn't have been necessary if the newlines weren't there. What are the newlines there for, anyway?


I just tested it because that's my modus operandi, too. It's even worse than that: It's not even possible to copy my own answer! Definitely not user-friendly.

Another thing I realized: I wanted to open a sentence discussion in a new tab with a right-click so that it would open "under" the current tab and I could go on with my lesson, keeping the discussion open to read it later. Not possible. You have to open it with a left-click and change back to the learning tab. Again: not user-friendly.

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I did a little experimenting to try to reproduce your copying problem, Strandfloh. I found that in Chrome-based browsers (Chrome, Slimjet, Opera, Vivaldi) and in Internet Explorer and Edge I could copy my answer. In Firefox-based browsers (Firefox, Pale Moon) I could only copy it if I hadn't yet hit the "Check" button. Once the answer was submitted I could no longer copy it. If you aren't a diehard Firefox fan you might consider using another browser for Duolingo. On a side note: I discovered that Duolingo looks very different in Firefox than it does in other browsers.


Thank you, GBJ325. I switched back to Chrome. I still have to copy the answer separately though. Before the website rewrite I could just copy it in one line to an excel sheet where it was separated in two (L1/L2) sentences/entries with the help of a little function (separate at punctuation).


I think if you copy the sentence from the sentence discussion tab, there are no newlines.


It could work, but there's a drawback: if you open "too many" pages, you'll get blocked by Duolingo.

I don't know how many is "too" many, but I was blocked. You don't know when you'll be allowed back. I'm not even a power user, I didn't click mindlessly on links, I read the sentence discussions (and had them open for a while). I did not behave like a bot/crawler, but I still got blocked :-/.


Omg... That's horrible. I open the discussion for every sentence to save it. I haven't noticed this yet, but thanks for the warning.

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Thanks, Portofan, that seems to work, though it introduces inconveniences of its own. I'll have to see which method is less troublesome.


Like many others here I miss the Activity. I used to keep contact with a few users here and now I have no way to write to them. I hope it will be restored though it scares me a bit that they still have nothing to offer to replace the Activity. They only say that it is going to be better. However, better doesn't always equal good.


that is a great line: "better doesn't always equal good" ! :-)


Why was the progress test that could be bought with lingots removed?


I much preferred working on the old version. It was just great (well, you know - immersion, activity, stream comments, no ads...), I felt highly motivated and I was making progress. I would happily pay to have access to the old version. None of this means that I'm not appreciative, so thank you... but I am also very disappointed.


Olja., every time I come across your profile with your impressive collection of high level languages, I am just stunned. Wonderful work, plus you have such a good mind for languages!


Immersion, comments and activity stream removal have nothing nothing to do with the rewrite of the website.


Jens Bu, it was my recollection that Luis gave the rewrite of the site as the reason for discontinuing immersion.


here is Luis' comment about why immersion was discontinued https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20364950


My major frustration is in the choose the correct translation exercises. the translations take up the whole page and the original sentence is squished into one or two word lines. I have a learning disability and these disjointed sentences ruin my ability to read them. I've come to checking the translations based only on whether the sentence makes sense and guessing from there because it's easier than trying to decipher the sentence all awkwardly written. Previously each side would take up an even amount of space and I could read the sentence properly in one or two lines and it made it much easier to comprehend, and for aesthetics it made both sides equally important. I have not quit using Duolingo, but this has made me cut down drastically on how much I've been using the site. I'm now using it mostly to maintain my streak, but it used to be something I would want to do, now it's something I push myself through.


My experience is that the new website is considerably slower. I ended up here looking for place to report a bug (discussion link for a question resulted in 404.) Guess what, your link above for bug reporting also results in a 404. Looks like you folks need to invest some resources into writing more cukes or whatever testing framework you are using.


I should preface by saying that i am forever grateful to the Duolingo staff for providing this amazing service. But Duo has evolved a lot over the past year, and I don't feel like I fit in anymore. I love using Duolingo on the computer. I really disliked using an app on my phone for language learning. I understand I'm in the minority. But why must everything go 'mobile' in this world today? What is wrong with sitting down in front of a computer and really giving 100% to learning a language? Oh well. I probably sound 100 years old.

I miss the translations section, and my friends list, and the activity feed. I sense these features are gone forever. Eventually, a 'free service' needs to make a profit. It is life. So, I thank you for helping me learn Spanish. I will always speak fondly of Duolingo. But perhaps this is time for me to move on. Keep doing great work for the language learning community!


I agree! I was here daily, but quit for awhile when the profile feed went away. I lost my Japanese friend who offered the help me with my Japanese. I'm not interested in joining some adult learning site where its Japanese when we feel like it, very secular and worldly when we don't. No.

I do plan on learning what I can here, but the discussion was always hard for me due to the fact it was hard to find anything. And their "new" website is same look and feel without all the stuff we need and want. :P And lingots that are useless. No thanks! I prefer my badges on my forum that is not public yet. I'm not making it public until September.

I did find out that someone else made a topic and posted all about it concerning HIS website and didn't get banned. So, I'll do that come September. It was about a language learning server channel. I only mentioned it in 3 spots (on on Quora) and was instantly faced with crackers who couldn't get in. But I deleted that forum, changed the URL, and made many improvements. And yes, https was one of those. I had accentdentally chose the wrong one, so I was goign to redo it anyway. oops. I'll rattle off now. I'm tired so a bit rambling. Sorry. lol


I never used my lingots. do you want mine? hehe.

I do recommend Duolingo to anyone starting out on a new language, I think I always will. But for people like me, what is there for me on Duo now? like you said, we can't really chat with our duo friends anymore, the discussion forum isn't very user friendly...just seems like time to move on. 'tis life, I suppose :P


I don't use mine either anymore as they are 100% useless! If you're interested, come September, I'll have my new language forum up and ready for business.

I'm still working on it, and don't have registration enabled yet. I go out of town in early August, so decided to make the forum public in time for School. https://foreign-language-club.globalwritersclub.com/foreignlanguageclubs/ (the link) My goal is to have clubs where people can chat, help each other out and earn "on your honour" badges. Plus allow people to journal and create "to do" lists for themselves, write stories or scripts - basically whatever helps them to work with the target language in order to learn it. I even set up a polyglot club where people can speak 3 or more languages in the same thread without issues. There is also https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22325618 Discord is active now. Its someone else's project. I joined up there too. That link gives you both links that are needed. Best Wishes!


Awesome. I will check out your forum and the Discord page!


Feel free to give me your lingots... Thanks if you do!


There's one for ya :P


I don't like any of the changes. I'm not enjoying it at all anymore. I enjoyed the speech system but it doesn't work anymore.


"Words" tab doesn't allow practice anymore! I don't want to be forced to use Tinycards, I like the native feature in Duolingo. Not only that, it should be expanded for all languages! Such a valuable language learning tool! Please up vote this post if you agree! We have to let the moderators know that it bothers us when they take away features we like!


Duolingo, you saw this. Listen to your users!


I really miss the bit on the strengthen skill button! It really helped me to do lessons quickly, or to see how strong I was on skills! Please bring this back?....


I've noticed one thing with the new website which I find annoying. When strengthening on the site, I used to get a random set of sentences, and a much wider variety. If I was having problems, I just kept going. Now, it repeats the same sentences over and over, much less variety, which seems counterproductive when trying to learn a language which will almost always have unexpected sentences. Not sure all of the improvements are improvements.


If the website has been revamped then I've had it for more than a year. Nothing has changed besides the i0S release of Japanese and the decrease of certain functions. What is new about it? Very confused. The website seems the same as it did a year ago and now just seems much more limited. Maybe I have a problem with DL? I doubt it b.c I use web/android/apple and not much has changed. I remember the discussions were going to turn into much more organized forums... so I'd appreciate any new info about a new website being concrete and now leave everyone wondering what you mean. Just being truthful, I know working at DL is a dream come true and a stresser at the same time, but give us a little more info, please.


I agree! These so-called improvements must end.


It's the code behind it that has been rewritten in a different programming language.


How did you get Hindi? Alpha?


What kind of alpha tester would I be if I had only earned enough points to get to level 2? ;-)

Nah, the course escaped into beta for a short while over a year ago, I thought it was out and played around a bit, and it was reined in right after that.


Haha good point. Thanks for letting me know. I hope it comes out soon ^_^


TL;DR - Be patient. Building DL is hard stuff.

If the "improvements" end then DL will just become outdated and die sooner than it otherwise might. If nobody ever adopted new web tech then we'd still be looking at the web as it was in the early 90's -- static webpages with Mosaic. Being a developer myself I'll say that building and maintaining a web application like DL is a complicated and difficult endeavor. I understand their desire to do a rewrite. I am sure that since they first built DL that they have learned a lot about how it is used and have a lot of ideas about where they'd like to take things. It can be that, within the confines of a particular language or framework, you just can't (reasonably) do what you think needs to be done. I'd love to rewrite a lot of my stuff too but I just don't have the resources. Good for DL for trying to move forward. All things being equal, the transition to the new codebase appears to be pretty smooth to me. Even Google has hiccups. At some point you just have to deploy the new code and let users show you what you failed to anticipate (an inevitability) and then you fix it.


What happened to the Flashcards?


I find it helpful to switch between studying Spanish or French or German from English to studying German from Spanish or French or English from Spanish or French. This has become much harder. The article says you're going to make it easier; I hope so.

[deactivated user]

    Two things I have noticed over the past couple of days, which may perhaps be connected with the new web site:

    First, in spite of one of the FAQs being, "Why don't I get the spoken exercises any more?" I find that now, all sentences apart from those in English are spoken aloud.

    Secondly, something regarding repeating lessons to "keep the strength bars up" - before, when I had repeated enough lessons to raise the strength bar, I got an automatic message telling me that this had happened. Now there is nothing. I used to find it very helpful. Can it be restored?


    I know you are saying that flashcards aren't under consideration, but I am not sure why not. Please reconsider adding them back in. It was extremely helpful having the flashcards within Duolingo, as it tracked mistakes I made, or words that hadn't been practiced in a long time. Using the flashcards really helped me efficiently review the words I need. Using the Tinycards is not an efficient use of time. When I tried it, it gave words I have known solidly forever. Although I greatly appreciate Duolingo for language learning overall, I think it was a mistake removing the Flashcard feature. I have read in other topic discussions the need for generating revenue. This is a feature I would be willing to pay a reasonable amount to add. So if you can't add it for free, could you add it for a small fee?


    Have you considered creating some form of newsletter for this kind of announcements? The forum seems way too inefficient for letting people know.

    [deactivated user]

      Better still, how about a brief announcement, with a link for those wanting details, on the Home page, so that everyone using the course can see straight away that the web site has new features.


      There is a blog, and there used to be another one, but they don't use it for important stuff like this.


      in a nutshell Duolingo used to be fun used to be better, now it totally sucks in every way. Not fun anymore and definitely not improved....so typical of so many things today


      Thank you for posting this. :)


      Have you always been learning all those languages or are some of those (relatively) new?


      Hi..I need some help please I used to read the grammer tips from chrome browser on my mobile as they appeared under the lessons.. now I don't know how to have access to the grammer tips Could someone please tell me how can I see the grammer tips from my mobile phone.


      Select in the Chrome browser "Desktop mode"
      (Via clicking the three dots in the upper right of your screen).


      Con la nueva versión, ya no puedo encontrar “el árbol inverso”. Tengo dos cuentas, y las uso para practicar la traducción de frases de español a inglés y de inglés a español. Las dos actualmente están fijas para un hispanohablante que quiera aprender inglés. Soy anglohablante y, como con frecuencia el árbol para anglohablantes me resulta demasiado fácil, sí, esto es mejor que lo contrario. Pero me gustaba mantener todos los árboles. Bueno, quizás con la excepción de la parte nueva, porque me parece que esa parte rechaza respuestas adecuadas con demasiada frecuencia. ¿Todavía hay un método de acceder al otro árbol?

      With the new version I can no longer find “the reverse tree”. I have two accounts, and I use them to practice the translation of phrases from Spanish to English and from English to Spanish. The two are now fixed for a Spanish-speaker that wants to learn English. I am an English-speaker and, as often enough the tree for English-speakers turns out to be too easy for me, this is better than the reverse. But I used to like maintaining all the trees. Well, perhaps with the exception of the new part, because it seems to me that that part rejects appropriate answers way too often. Is there still a way of accessing the other tree?

      (I will edit to add, as so far the only response has been a negative vote- this is simply a question to figure out how I access my other trees- if this is not the right place for that, please tell me where I should ask this question).


      Since "Web Speech API" is a project of Mozilla, speaking exercises should work correctly in Firefox, but this isn't the case. In the web of the project, they say that it can be enabled via the media.webspeech.recognition.enable flag in about:config; but it still doesn't work. Maybe Duolingo's staff can do something about it?


      I use the Duolingo app for Android, but from time to time,I would check the website for the Tips and Notes section of my lessons for help,now every time I access a course,it looks exactly the same as the app ! I can't find the Tips and Notes anymore,where is it ? They were extremely helpful ! Please help !


      For some reason, tips have vanished from the web site when accessed from a mobile device. According to this it is a low priority to bring them back to the mobile site.

      I do not understand at all why they have done this as tips are a valuable tool in learning and, for the course teams, in explaining a language.


      Note that, according to that post, "low priority" is the best you can get for a feature, followed by "Under consideration" (read:"nah...") followed by "Not planned"....


      I am not understanding what you are implying; unless at one point there were tips and notes available to users on IOS. However, if that the case, it has not been available for awhile.

      Therefore, under careful consideration: I don't think that was what you were implying, and I was just misunderstanding, because I'm stupid, ;)


      Thank you so much for your answer,that explains everything, I don't have a computer so the only way I could see the Tips and Notes section would be by the checking the mobile site,I guess I'll have to wait for them to add it back,I hope they do,and soon.


      You could just use the normal version of the site on your mobile device, rather than using the mobile version.

      On Chrome mobile browser, ticking "Request desktop site" in the menu works for Duolingo. Then you can see tips and notes. ^^


      IT WORKED ! THANK YOU!!!! :D


      Tips ands notes have never been on the app, only on the site. I know for a fact the tips and notes are still on the site, because I was just reading them.


      On the mobile version(from your phone) of the site,the Tips and Notes have vanished,I GUESS that they're still available on the web version(from your computer) ? I don't have a computer, so the mobile site was all I had :(


      I didn't even know they were ever on the mobile app, but that would be useful, seeing as I use the mobile version a lot.


      No,they were on the mobile version of the website,not the app


      Ohhh. I see what your saying now. Yeah, I was on the mobile version of the site a couple days ago. A lot of things are gone that were there before. Including discussions.


      Does anybody have any idea when the new features Duolingo is promising us are coming?


      Congratulations on the new release, but it REALLY needs more QA. Lots of annoying little glitches and no way to report them in context.


      I posted here just because I wanted to see the flags near my name.


      When will we get our profiles back. I miss talking to friends.


      Duolingo is now just a big old mess and it is no longer fun. I had just started a new tree, Spanish, and was going at lightening speed when Duolingo changed. Now, with GREAT sadness, I am ending my 1321 day streak and moving on to a different program. (In the words of Dream Girls, "It's hard to say goodbye, my love.")


      The great thing about this site is that you keep it simple.


      If it gets any simpler than that, it won't teach us anything other than the bare minimum :)


      I'm referring to the interface, not the content.


      I must be missing something because I dont see the big difference at all


      Among some of the changes/removals... When you click "profile" tab, the list of languages you are taking shows under it. Below the language listing "was" the screen where you could view the list of friends you follow as well as those following you. That feature is gone!!!


      The only plus about that feature being gone is that "spam frienders" have no reason to spam friend anymore. OTOH, I loved being able to have the social aspect of duolingo. Oh well. :P


      yes, it is gone! So strange


      I believe that this was part of their intention - they wanted to make what happens at the server faster and easier to maintain, but without large amounts of change to what the user sees.

      Some minor changes have been made to what the user sees anyway (and larger changes if you poke around a bit), but overall it (the Desktop Duolingo version) should look extremely similar to how it looked before.


      Good to hear the site update has been completed, and I'm glad that Duo staff is providing more info lately (like this post), but I can't help but feel disappointed that more and more functionality is being removed, and useful additions aren't coming.

      For example, we're on a language-learning site but the social interaction between members is very limited. I can't see a friend list (beside the leaderboard), or who is following me, I can't see what my "friends" are currently doing (activity stream let me see which languages and which topics they were currently doing), I can't chat with "friends" (once again, no activity stream), are not allowed to do that in the forums (which are a mess btw... can't wait for updates there) and can't go to other places for interaction as we're not allowed to share personal information... so, no real motivation to be/stay on Duo for the social aspect

      About the language-learning itself... lots of talk about gems, health etc but how about some more grammar/tips? I'm currently doing Japanese on mobile but without external resources I would have thrown my mobile through the window (with all the particles etc which you have to figure out on the go). No flashcards within Duo I can live with, as I'm using an external flashcard app with much better functionality, but why still no words tab for the rest of the languages (workaround doesn't work anymore with the new website)? And on one of the linked pages I see conjugation tables and noun genders within hints are under consideration... how can they only be under consideration? I'm learning a new word but Duo won't tell me which gender it is? Figure it out yourself? Once again, external resources to the rescue...

      All in all I'm wondering more and more who the target audience is? It used to be free language learning for those who need it/can't afford it etc...but with focus on gems (game play), clubs and schools it's more kids lately.. and free education but you need a smartphone to use the latest additions (clubs, chatbots, languages like Japanese)?!? Web is way more accessible for the "original" target audience imo. And what serious learner can cope with the lack of grammar explanations and limited social interaction possibilities? It's hard to keep advanced learners around who will help the "newbies" with these issues I think. At least that's how it feels for me... I used to go on the forums to see if I could help people with the languages I'm proficient in but lately there seems to be less activity (sentence discussions) and more nonsense so I hardly do that anymore :s

      Hmm, this turned out a bit longer than intended =) Kudos to you if you stayed with me till here, and I'll try to focus on the positives... Duo is free, and it helps a lot of people, so who cares if it's not what I hoped it would be or become? =) I'll keep on using it among other sites/tools... still.. it's a shame... ;-)


      I agree with your entire post, and especially with

      And on one of the linked pages I see conjugation tables and noun genders within hints are under consideration... how can they only be under consideration? I'm learning a new word but Duo won't tell me which gender it is?

      That's just so basic- surely gender, at least, should be a given.


      One of the best replies I've seen. I would like to make a point that, while I don't mind not being able to use Clubs or ChatBots, I think that having languages which are exclusive to the app is unacceptable. You're losing a huge part of your audience there. Not everyone has a smartphone, but there are still a lot of people who'd love to learn Japanese. It's a step too far in my opinion.


      Thanks! =) I agree with you about the clubs and chatbots, but while I understand lots of people where disappointed to not yet being able to learn Japanese when it was released, I think it's more about communication from Duo than the choice itself.

      I can imagine developing some new ways to teach the Japanese characters involved some challenges and maybe the iOS environment was best suited for this, or they just had to choose a platform due to resource limitations. Either way, releasing one platform, and then catching up with the others (while feedback of users from the first platform hopefully improves the course in the meantime) is preferable to me as opposed to waiting till all are finished. However... the communication thing... it wasn't clear (to me at least) they would only release it to iOS at first. Luckily I have access to a iOS device but I can imagine other people being (rightfully) disappointed...

      As to the huge part of the audience, I believe I read somewhere the majority of Duo-users is on mobile?!? Can't understand it myself as I much much more prefer the web version, being able to do it side-by-side with some other (resource) websites, dictionaries, tools and what not (oh, and type on an actual keyboard hehe) =) So if a small portion of the users is on web, and only a small portion of those wants to do a language like Japanese I think a "huge part of your audience" may be overdoing it a bit =)

      And of course it would be nice to have all functionality on all platforms at the same time but I can understand it's not always possible. What puzzles me more is the lack of tips & notes on the mobile versions, and not being able to start a sentence discussion there.. ah well =)


      If duolingo ever goes to app only, I'll officially quit duolingo and throw in the towel. I am an app junky and have many FL apps on my phone. However, I find that Duolingo works best on the web for me. I am completely rubbish at typing on my phone is the problem! My friend can attest to that. He once told me to text me the details (update on a personal matter) and I said "more like swear you the details". He laughed, as he knew that would be more accurate given my inability to type anything straight. lol


      i think japanese will become available for the web version eventually but it just isn't ready yet. Also 99,5% of people who have a computer most likely also have a smartphone.


      Not necessarily true, because they have computers you can use at libraries, but as far as I'm aware they don't have smartphones you can use at libraries.


      You do have a point. For what it's worth, though, where I live the libraries have tablets you can use.


      Even if that 99.5% figure were correct, the app versions of Duolingo are comparatively pretty lame compared to the web version...

      If my computer died and I really had to use my smartphone (annoying touchscreen typing and all), even then I'd still use its browser to access the web version rather than to just settle for the app...


      Mobile Duo is terribly worse than the website.



      Their current way of seeing quality is: which options bring more users.

      So the result is: the easier and the more pleasant the better. Well.... learning involves more than that.


      I wonder how many of the "mobile" users are actually users of the website on their mobile device (instead of the app)? I'm guessing it's a very small percentage, but just wondering whether those people get counted under "mobile" or "web"?

      I think one of the reasons why Duo is used by more people on mobile than web, could just be maybe people primarily look for language learning tools in the app stores more than they do on web search engines. The app stores are much more organised, with categories and screenshots, than what web search engines are like for finding good stuff.


      testmoogle, I'm a user who first found out about the website and now also uses the app. There are probably many more.



      testmoogle, I'm a user who first found out about the website and now also uses the app. There are probably many more.


      I came across Duolingo two years ago. For me also it was the website I found first, long before the app. But I'm probably a bad example as I'd never even owned a smartphone until some time afterwards... ^^;

      The only language I've come to Duolingo to learn is Japanese. When I joined the site, there was no Japanese course. So instead I started doing the beta JA→EN course as a reverse tree (which I've been doing on the website).

      Now that the proper Japanese course beta is out and is currently only available on the Android and iOS apps, my only choice right now would be to use the app.

      If I'd never done the reverse tree and simply waited till now, I would probably have gone directly to being an app user, even though I found the site first. Wouldn't be by choice though.

      (Thankfully I'm able to access the Japanese course on web anyway, via the html trick, but I may never have learnt about this if I had just been waiting for the day Japanese appeared in the app — I'd likely have just stuck with whichever device Japanese released on first, unaware that the web version might be any different/ a lot better.) :P


      Yet 80% of users are on mobile according to Luis' recent AMA on Reddit.


      @testmoogle, how is it that you access the Duo Japanese course on a desktop? I see you mention an html trick, what is it? (or can you point me to a forum post?) Cheers, Brook


      Hello! My names 0.5%!


      Chipping in to say that since in addition to my laptop I also have a tablet (which has the functionality of a computer, so no apps), I don't have a smartphone, nor do I feel the need to get one until my "dumb"phone (seven years old and going strong!) packs up. Maybe I'm just the 0.5%, but us computer-without-smartphone people are here!! And we want Japanese ;)


      Same here. Computer, tablet, no smartphone. (No interest in Japanese, though.)


      Proud .5%er here!


      I couldn't agree more with your analysis if I tried. Well said!


      Thank you! Much appreciated =) I'm glad to see you're still around and it's nice to hear from you again! Hope all is well! (not counting some Duo-issues hehe =p)


      Well, you did hit the nail squarely on the head :-)

      I'm glad to see that you're still around too, it was good to see you were still here and it's also good to hear from you again. All is well thank you , Duo issues aside. What about you? Hope all is well with you also, again Duo issues aside. :-)


      Agreed. I too barely stick around and help newbies any more. It was great while it lasted and I am probably not thr target demographic but I am sad to see some of the good stuff go while essential language learning issues are being ignored. But thanks anyway Duo - it was lovely.


      Yupeli-yup... I'm still hopeful for what may come, but my focus is shifting away.


      yes, it was lovely. I miss the interaction, and the new changes doesn't make it very easy to help newbies either.


      i would have to agree newbies have no chance now they made it to hard


      jay876381 please don't misunderstand me. No, I do not think that it's too hard for newbies! A person who wants to learn a new language should just dive in and keep at it. It's a good program. But the encouragement, help, cheering and good explanations that we used to see coming from other duolingoers has very much dried up, compared to what it used to be.


      ohhh I see, you miss the russian transliterations... It's probably better for us to not have them, honestly.


      will yes that's true. But for me its a lot harder now since i can't read the writing at all and I'm going of what i hear


      yes I do .It was easier for me to learn since reading Russian is a little hard and my keyboard is English


      I agree. I started Duo years ago, I took a long time to complete my tree and finished it about a year ago. But after completing it there is no real reason to stick around. My skill level has dropped as I visit Duo less and less. At least before you had Immersion so there was something to work towards. But Duo keeps changing things and taking away all of the interesting features.

      I think Duo is still the best way I've found to learn a language. But now it seems to be little more than a game when before it seemed like more than that.


      You're right. Duolingo is a game. Duolingo, stop calling yourself a language learning service. Call yourself a slightly educational language game.


      I find that forums with active members are the best way. People can post their questions, get answers, and also chat back and forth in any language they want.

      Eventually, I hope that Foreign Language Club can be found with a simple search and that my forum can be found (in September). And note, that my forum is not active and does not fit the needs at this point. I want to be sure I have security down first before I advertise and allow members. Eventually, I hope that my forum can fit the needs that duolingo refuses to fill, without causing duolingo to lose members. I'm not a language learning site per se.


      Every single thing that you said is correct. We need easy communication between users. What is the "better" thing that's going to replace the Activity Streams? Nothing? Edit: Thanks for all the votes! I really appreciate them!


      I'm not really too concerned about features requiring the app/not being available at the site. I mostly use the app anyway although I do use the site too. I'm 38 btw, am I a kid? LOL.

      I definitely agree that some really important features just don't exist. For example.. every language should have a word list. Why don't they? Is it because it is up to the team that created that particular course to create a word list? Can't one just be generated from the other content?

      And there should be more social interaction. It's an opportunity to practice our languages. Besides that.. why does the app still not support discussing a question? That one is a no brainer, it's a hugely useful feature that should have been a priority a long time ago! (IMHO) It actually surprised me to see that somebody was complaining about features of the app not showing up on the webpage. Sure, both sides are missing something that the other has but supporting question comments vs supporting groups?!? I'd love to see all the features available in both places but please start with the core ones!


      Yeah sentence discussion on mobile is a must! The only thing I can imagine being the reason for it not existing yet is that mobile doesn't play well with the web-forum (which is somehow interwoven with the sentence discussion?!?). Maybe (hopefully) the new/updated forum which appears to be coming solves this?!?

      And I was wondering about that word-list myself as well.. Some languages have it, other don't... but with the old website there was a work-around to access it anyway, so somehow it was there (so it's not a matter of the language team having to create it manually I think). So why it doesn't exist for all languages?!? No idea =)

      My ideal word-list would contain word genders, verb conjugations, maybe links to dictionaries for detailed descriptions, and an export option (csv or something) so I can play with it myself (create flashcards etc). Maybe the last option would enable other sites to easily rip off the word lists and use them themselves, but then again, Duo wants to enable more people to learn languages so maybe that's not a bad thing? =)


      Sentence discussion is on Android.


      There is no sentence discussion on my Android phone. Is it a per-language thing? (If so then why?!?!) I am studying Esperanto, Spanish and German.


      I don't know what to say. It just isn't there!


      On the Android app, if you answered a question and see the "you are correct" banner, don't you have a flag and a speech bubble on the right side of it? One is report, the other the link to the discussion.


      Hmm... Maybe check for app updates.


      It's been available on my Android app (on several phones) for years.


      @speising, Oh shoot! I guess I owe Duo an apology. Sorry! I was looking for the word comment and I don't think I would have ever even noticed that icon. Thanks for the help!


      I guess that is at least some sort of explanation. Still, whatever they are using for a forum, certainly it's just a web front end to a relational database. Writing something that works on the mobile app, talks to that database directly and at least gives one the 'discuss this question' feature can't be that hard. I would guess it's about on par with a 200 level computer science class project, not even something one would need to be a full professional to achieve.


      thank you for your long post. Not too long at all, in fact easy to read to the end as it touched on all the same points that I am frustrated about.

      Particularly your question about 'who is the target audience' is a good question. It certainly seems unclear to me.

      Yes, I can see how the changes in the website are quite unsatisfying to advanced learners who used to help out so many new learners.

      The site has lost its powerful sense of community. And I REALLY miss my friends who kept me hungry for learning more and exploring adventures into the languages I am studying.


      Just so you know for those of you who cannot communicate with other Learners, use Discord. There is already a large community using Discord to communicate and practice their languages. The Official Unofficial Duolingo Discord https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22325618 Has over 950 users already and is growing everyday so come join us and invite your friends.

      If you would like a language specific server just tell me what languages you are interested in and I will get you the invite links


      I think per-question discussion would be the most useful. That would be very awkward to get from a separate app as opposed to just having the 'discuss' button on the question.


      Ah but these servers are for practicing your writing, reading and comprehension, and speaking skills with native speakers of your target languages. Something that Duolingo never did very well but has apparently given up on now. Plus there are various activities you can join in to help keep yourself motivated.


      Excellent post.

      I will point out though that in a lot of countries where the market is not as developed, most people access the internet through smartphones, so it's actually a bit more internationally standard than the website version. A phone is a lot more useful and a lot cheaper way to access the internet than a full computer, which is why that happens. They have stated that 85% of their user base accesses the site through mobile, which is why so much focus goes towards it.


      Just a note. The site has certainly not "been completed". That isn't what rolling out a new site means. It means that they think it is good enough for people to start using it. They will continue to fix / tweak / experiment and to add new features and remove those that need to be removed.


      Your points is exactly why I started my own foreign language forum, but insisted that people still support Duolingo as well, because I didn't want to steal people away from other sites (as a curtesy). I'm not on a dedicated server, and currently am not allowing registration because I've started over with the forum. (I had to deal with a persistent cracker that can't get in, but won't give up either and a trojan. :P )

      Japanese: I've found that Japanese Verbs and Essentails of Grammar is very good. I also use Scribe Origins, Scribe Japanese and Study Chat. I'm still learning the Kana, mind you. But I have used those resources and they make sense to me. My friend is also learning Japanese and is using the duolingo app. I like the book Japanese Dymystified as well.
      signed Kytriya


      I think that it is important to focus on the fact the duolingo is a teaching site and not a social one.


      I'm sorry to be so negative in the face of your attempts to keep us informed, which is much appreciated. Thank you! but to be honest I feel thoroughly disillusioned with Duo and the new website. It is like trying to learn in a sensory deprivation chamber. I no longer see the point in following people or being followed if it isn't possible to actually interact with them by discussing language points that arise.

      At the moment, I come here once a day for the sole purpose of maintaining my streak by doing the bare minimum of one strengthening exercise. This is in the (probably) vain hope that one day some form of Activity will be reinstated, if this doesn't happen I really can't see any reason for staying, as Duo have removed almost all the functions which I used most and replaced them with kindergarten gimmicks which are a hindrance to learning not a help.

      I appreciate that this is only my personal perception and experience and that others, particularly the younger demographic may feel differently but as with anyone I can only speak for myself.So, thank you again for taking the time to make this post but I am deeply saddened by the shell that Duolingo has become.


      I'm doing the exact same thing. It used to be that I would spend whole days on Immersion, getting up to 5000 xp a day with translation, nowadays I'm just keeping my streak with the bare minimum - today I'm celebrating two years since I started learning Spanish, but the attraction is no longer there. I'd rather go read a Spanish newspaper or visit other sites where I can still learn something. It's really a shame that Duo has become only a shell of its former glorious self.


      Yes, that's the same for me. I am doing my language learning elsewhere now and it is only the fact that I have made good friends here that keeps me hanging on by my fingernails hoping that one day I might be able to interact with them again and go back to learning in their company.

      A site which once encouraged us to help, support and encourage one another in mutually beneficial ways now prevents us from interacting at all and yet the whole point of language is to communicate. I am completely amazed to see a once vibrant, lively learning enviroment turned into a desert by the very people who brought it into being in the first place. A spectacular own goal in my view.


      I too use Duolingo daily, more out of habit than anything else, but I no longer find much enjoyment or sense of achievement in it. Once you've completed all the exercises there is no longer any challenge. I really miss the immersion element and, like you, would spend hours and hours on it. The subjects were interesting and I felt that I was learning something every day. Now I'm just going over old ground and have little enthusiam. Shame.


      Exactly - I think that was the draw of Immersion, you actually felt you learned something new every day. Not only in the language you studied, but in general. Nowadays, it's just... meh. Same old lessons, that I could do in my sleep already. Nothing challenging, nothing to pique your interest. Even the iOS app is really boring with the bots and clubs. You're just "chatting" with a pre-programmed dialogue and you only get xp if you're giving them the pre-programmed answers. Any deviation and it stumps the bot completely. Fun for a while (to stump the bot, I mean), but completely unproductive and a waste of time.

      A lot of the users with really impressive streaks and really impressive accomplishments (i.e. level 25 in 5 languages and level 375 in translation) that I was following have fallen off the radar. And they were absolutely wonderful in Immersion - helpful, kind and passionate about the language they were studying. Spending hours on a translation, just to make it as close to perfect as it could be. Arguing the pros and cons of a particular turn of phrase - it was a delight to follow them and work with them, because there was so much you could learn from them about the nuances of a language. And now they're gone, because Duo got completely impersonal and totally boring for people who have more than the basic grasp of the language they're studying. Shame, indeed.


      daffodil2015, yes, the loss of experienced and helpful Duolingoers is something that really has made me sad. You expressed this perfectly.


      same here! and all the awesome collaboration with people


      I hope Duo takes note of your critique - your streak and all those 25's show that you've been a serious and committed user, one of those you'd think Duo would want to retain. Sadly too many comments about the loss of social interaction are being ignored. If the forums disappear as well, Duo will lose a large part of what makes it at the moment a valuable resource.


      Unfortunately, Deyan161 I don't think they take any notice of what we say, no matter how politely we say it, or how well-reasoned our arguments. If their "research" shows an increase in accounts, then that appears to be their only criterion, irrespective of whether these accounts are real or not, or whether the account holders actually do any learning.

      Duo states that it is not dumbing down, or interested only in quantity not quality but the situation to date seems to contradict this. They also said that there were no plans for adverts on the web version but that too is contradicted by the facts. I have no rooted objection to non-obtrusive adverts, Duo needs an income stream after all but why say one thing whilst doing another? At the moment Duo seems to have lost its way, we can only hope it finds it again before it's too late.


      They probably haven't used the words "dumbing down" but I think they have been relatively open about making the site easier. Not easier to learn but easier to progress through the tree. Paraphrasing:

      "We can't increase L1 > L2 translations because that's harder and the metrics go down."
      "We want to teach grammar without using terms like (in)direct objects because people don't know those terms."


      The fact that they won't increase L1 to L2 translation "because usage metrics" is my least favorite thing about Duolingo. Actually it's quite possibly my least favorite thing about the whole entire internet.

      No educational program should just completely avoid progressing to the harder / more advanced stuff just because they notice that some people who don't want to be challenged are quitting.


      "We want to teach grammar without using terms like (in)direct objects because people don't know those terms"



      The funny thing is, if they gave the users options, to choose their own difficulty level, the metrics would go up.


      I'd LOVE choosing my own difficulty level and you could even make it easier for your first go around and then increase the difficulty as you went along. That would be awesome!


      But the staff is convinced that one size fits all. We should be happy we have settings for speaker, microphone and email notifications.


      @DonFiore the staff seem to think we should be happy to have anything at all, your analysis is spot on.


      While I would love different difficulties based on ones proficiency I think that would complicate the site too much. As far as I understand Duo aims to teach the basics of as many languages as possible to as many people as are willing.

      If you want advanced topics there are great websites out there with grammar, style, etc.. I've found some great YouTube channels. The "problem" of those sites often is there is so much information it's difficult to know where to start, and then there's the limited support. I think Duo offers a nice progression through vocabulary and grammar.. adding tenses and words as you go. When you've mastered the basics you can (and should) go elsewhere to improve further...

      It's unrealistic for Duo to offer the best language learning for beginners and experienced people alike for so many languages. If it should only focus on teaching those basics (extremely) well, and offer a knowledgeable user-base who can and will help beginners that's fine by me. Maybe point them in useful directions afterwards.

      As it is, there are too many issues for beginners (lack of notes/grammar, annoying gems/health/owls), and the experienced users have almost no incentive to stick around as there is limited social interaction and (for some important) no recognition (e.g. reputation points, user "tiers" or whatever)


      choosing your own level - that is a great idea! That is what immersion provided, you could choose your level of difficulty in which texts to translate.


      saying quality over quantity but researching quantitatively over qualitatively... ;P


      I agree I have reported a particular bug for the past five months dozens if not hundreds of times no exaggreation with ample proof with screenshots and endless asking .moving and shaking > often 2 or 3 times a day on feedback on the app , on the available forums. Mailing the desigers and I certainly do not want to play this game anymore more appropriately I should say I absolutely cannot waste my precious time and hard hard very hard work going down duolingo tubes making no headway at all . I encounter the problem of not having my xps allocated and even having hundreds subtracted daily so on this 501 st day I find it unbearable to deal with unteneable and bad for my state of being so I will have to adandon this app and though loathe to do so and contrary to Duos "did you know it is free and it is fun " At this point it just is not fun not for me anymore any which way I look at it See i even get emotional ridiculously so! no no! no more for me > no sireee


      Would you mind to tell me what is your job sir?


      @pollyperki Would you mind telling me why you want to know what my job is?


      I can't see why my language abilities would have anything to do with you wanting to know what my job is, they are completely unrelated.


      Being advanced in two languages.


      polliperki, it would help to know why you ask that question. For me the answer is: my job is to be curious and always learn more and to work well with people.

      You have a beautiful horse as your profile picture. Are there horses in your life? Then you're a fortunate person!


      I totally am with you on this, after suffering through so many glitches for so long while they made this change and now it is less fun than ever; I really don't like the new site, I find it sterile and like you I now just do the minimum daily to maintain since I have over 400 day streak I worked hard for. I am also deeply saddened as well- well said, thanks for expressing how I also feel about Duolingo.


      @ EstebanG I think many people feel this way but sadly, Duo seem indifferent to our pleas. Such a huge shame! :-(


      @EstabanG - tell me about it! I got from 57% fluency to 51% fluency in one day :))) Good thing I don't give a rat's behind about Duo's "fluency meter".


      Even as a part of the 'younger demographic', I agree with you 100 %. I got to know plenty of people here on Duolingo and ultimately, they were what kept me coming back every day. I finished my French tree quite some time ago and after that, everything I've learnt on Duolingo, I learned through social interaction with other people who spoke either English, French or Finnish better than I do.

      I used to come here every day to keep my streak alive but once it went down to zero, there was no need to come back every day. I do come by every now and then to see what has changed and if maybe we have an awesome new feature awaiting us that allows us to interact with our friends but other than that, I've moved on to different websites.


      @ Gluehbirnee There are so many of us in this position yet still Duo ignores us and whilst this is a great loss to us I can't help wondering if in the long term it might be an even greater loss to Duo.


      Ifphigenia, how nice to see you here! Yes, it IS a great loss to Duolingo, though they may not see it so. All the kindness and guidance and encouragement that came from seasoned members is now reduced to ribbons drifting in the wind, not connecting to where they would be useful.


      Hi Camilla, it's good to see you here too! You are quite right, all the kindness, support, help and encouragement that experienced learners gave to each other and to newcomers has been lost to the four winds and Duo has become a desert. It is just so sad.


      No.I dont believe so we are simply numbers in cattle cars being railed out to concerntratiin camps hey just kidding


      I didn't notice the site to be any quicker now, of course I may be wrong, once this is simply my perception. The only thing I really hope is that these updates will allow Duo to bring us back the Immersion (God, I miss that). I'm also really thankful that they didn't ❤❤❤❤ the site up by bringing the new gems and health system along with the update.


      The rewritten web site looks awful on 5.5" android, I know I have the app but the web site used to look and work fine on my phone.
      Separately, why have you removed the "Add to linkedin" option??? No longer visible when viewing on laptop (Chrome).


      Please bring back the grammar explanations within lessons- I relied on those to help me learn. And please bring back the noun genders within the tip drop down- when trying to learn new words or especially when trying to understand how pronouns etc change in 4 different grammar cases I need to know what gender I'm working with!


      I am getting speaking exercises in chrome, but I now only get one chance to get it right. Sometimes my voice is not picked up for the entire phrase and it is immediately marked as wrong. It would be better to have two tries per phrase.


      what happened to the flash cards?


      What happened to the flash card feature of "Words"? I miss it...


      Loved the old website but among other things with the new, my spoken replies are often marked correct before I have finished the sentence.

      • 2145

      Well I hope you are going to tweak it. Like, a lot. A lot of minor errors and stuff like that. Keep working.


      great job on the rewrite guys keep up the good work, was there an issue with the 'practice words' review on the words tab? its no longer there :(

      [deactivated user]

        The new website is so much faster on my tablet! Thank you!!!


        I can't still remove the last language from another base language though. Why is that?


        I stopped using the app a long time ago because you lost so many functions. I stopped using the full web version ages ago too because the mic on my laptop didn't seem to be good enough for Duolingo to pick up on even though it's a brand new laptop. That left me with the tablet version of the website. With the new update, on my tablet it's more like using the limited function app and now I can't do speaking exercises either even though I use Chrome. Sorely disappointed with the new update. I'm looking around for something new. Tiny cards is the update's only saving grace.


        I had the microphone problem for ages you have to check to make sure your microphone is on in settings and other places if not back up and do a factory reset. Report it to duolingo if the above does not work.


        I hate that speaking is Chrome-only. Chrome is a terrible browser (it's a memory hog, tanks your battery, and still looks and acts halfway like a beta product after all these years) and I refuse to even bother downloading it, but I like speaking exercises. Hopefully it will be possible to have speaking exercises in other browsers again at some point!


        I noticed a bug when doing timed practice on Chome: when the last question is a speaking exercise the following happens 100% of the times: - answer the question (by talking) - the question is validated and i can press continue - the mic starts listening again (main issue) - i can click stop and continue again - i get twice the points for this session


        Under consideration - progress tests. My vote, please bring them back, they are pretty much the only things I am interested to using my lingots for, the other is the special bonus categories. Words, it would be nice for the flash cards to come back and also a way to see the different verb conjugations in different tenses for review (website feature with the word tab).


        I started courses in Spanish & Chinese, but when I tried to start a lesson on 06/18/2020 by clicking the start icon/box, the lesson didn't come up. Instead, the start icon/box kept recycling itself.


        The lesson seemed to be loading for some seconds, but returned back to the tree? Happened to me too several times an hour ago


        Okay, good to know.


        What happened with the quizzes?


        I went to the article linked at the bottom of the post, and it says the quiz is a feature "under consideration". This is what it says: "Progress quiz (we would rather focus efforts on creating other, more popular shop items)"

        I hope they bring back the quizzes, as they were quite helpful in gauging where I am with a language. There's no other feature on Duolingo that tests you on many different aspects of the language at once. "Strengthen skills" practice usually focuses on only 1 or 2 subjects that need strengthening.

        Also, once you buy the bonus lessons and timed practice, there's no way at the moment to use lingots other than to get more lingots (I find this pretty hilarious). I'd be happy if they came up with good new shop items, but until they do, they should probably have the quizzes available.


        'More popular shop items'? How about more useful ones? Is there any reason they can't add more without removing the old ones? A test seems like a more useful and logical item than things like pictures of Duo. I think extra lessons, ways to check your skill and learning and other ways to challenge yourself would be better. However, I get the feeling they will just consider what schoolchildren would like to purchase.


        Szia, látom ezt a rengeteg nyelvet. Igaz, hogy nem a témához kapcsolódik, de gondoltam megkérdezlek, hogyan csinálod? Nagyon érdekel a válaszod :)


        I have never done the quiz. But is it different at all from the placement test?


        It was the same sort of test, but it was different in the way of the results. There was a page that collected them with the date and you got aa grade (like 2.57 out of 5.00). This way you could strive to get a 5.0 on a tree. And it was more accurate than just seeing your skills being gold or a finished tree.

        As a workaround, I am doing a placement test on a separate account though and make a note for myself how high I got and when.

        Though since it's basically the same, except for the grading, I can't imagine that it would be incredibly difficult to add to the rewrite and I'm a bit disappointed that it's only under consideration.


        The quiz is the placement test.


        Thank you for posting this.


        I think I've had the new website for about 4 months. I had the activity button for awhile since starting, but it's been gone for a long time. (At least for me.) Thanks for the update!


        Will there be a change to the decay algorithm?


        I have yet to have gems and health for the phone app yet.


        I haven't noticed anything new or different. Could you explain a little more about the changes you have made in the new website?


        my question is why is the wording changed it use to be in English words now its full Russian makes it a little hard to read or understand


        I assume you are talking about the course, not the interface of the website (Home, Discussion, etc.). That's because Russian is always written in Cyrillic. I think even the creators of the Russian and/or Ukrainian course were against the option to use the Latin script for Russian/Ukrainian words.

        Think about it the other way, you're having a conversation with a native Russian speaker who learnt English on Duolingo only using the Cyrillic script, because that's the one he is used to. Then he writes to you, in the kind of English he learned: Тхис ис нот хов Енглиш ис вриттен. Your reaction to that should be the same as the Russian person's who is trying to read your Russian text written in Latin alphabet. So if you use the Latin alphabet throughout the course, you may know how to approximately say the words but your writing is unintelligible and you can't read anything.

        Alphabets are usually the least difficult part of learning a language anyway so it shouldn't be too much to ask you to learn it right from the beginning.


        yes i dont read Cyrillic and its not easy to read plus my keyboard is english not Cyrillic :(


        You don't read Cyrillic yet. With little practice it shouldn't take too long for you to be able to read it fairly comfortably. You can add a Russian keyboard to your computer and smartphone. I can't give you instructions because I don't know whether you have Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android or whatever other options there are but there are several guides online. Getting used to the keyboard is another matter but it's recommended to make/buy little stickers that help you memorize the placement of the keys.


        Why can I practice conversations on my ipad but not on my desktop, using Google Chrome or Mozilla?


        I really like doulingo but to do it every day is really hard for me


        It would be great if grammar explanations were found on the app. I've always thought that. With the new site roll out they are not even on my mobile version of the site and I really miss at the very least being able to switch from app to site to get some grammar clarification. That being said, I usually just try to feel my way through a language's grammar asking myself how it works before checking with resources. And even then their are tons of free sources online for me. Still, it would be great to have everything all in one place especially for languages with Russia, a complicated language where the contributors went to great lengths to explain the grammar.

        Japanese is interesting. I'm sure some explanations are coming but I had no idea about hiragana, katakana and kanji from the app and had to learn the basics elsewhere. My research also set me up to identify how voiced consonants are represented before encountering them in a Duo lesson. Not complaining, the research is fun, but it would be great if everything were in one spot.


        It doesn't feel like an improvement to me so far...


        Will the feature that allowed users to leave messages to the people they are following be back? I saw it as a way to connect to others without starting a discussion tab for general comments.


        I'm sorry but who thought this was a good layout? First if I need a word the pop up window covers where I'm trying to type. Second, having a large computer screen the eye travel distance to see the correct answer is ridiculous. Finally, the aesthetics are horrible. It's so plain that it's almost as if it was just thrown together in a day. I just made it through my first lesson of the day and really don't want to do another.


        Duolingo won't let me continue. It says my email is already taken. Help!


        Just have it do a password reset and send it to your email account. Check to make sure you've typed the email account correctly, of course.


        I have been with dullingo and achieved 50percent but due to unforeseen problems did not continue for a few months now I cannot access my previous account can't put in my e mail address as says already taken and cannot move forward my email address is meryl30@sky.comdo you suggest I do

        • 1814

        @ Meryl832995: At the bottom of the login box it says "Forgot password" (or equivalent). Click on it, and a pop-up box will appear where you can fill in the email address you used originally. They'll send you an email to help you reset your password. I recommend you remove your email address from your post: spammers might see it and pester you with spam.


        I decided to log into my account on the chrome browser for the first time today and I'm really frustrated to find that I can no longer see the 'leaderboard' on my club... it literally makes no sense, why not just bloody include it? I've even tried downloading the app from the windows store on my laptop and that turned out to be even worse. Please fix it!


        I use ios with voice-over. the new “choose a chest for a reward,” does not work with voice-over. I am sure many blind people are using this app, and the “reward” is fun so I hope you will work with Apple to make this function accessible to voiceover users. Thank you. I love this app!


        Love the new lessons!


        I agree with BigRon 3. I love the new lessons.


        Can we please have access to the old website if we so choose? I wanted to use my free time at work learning Spanish, and have made a lot of progress, but the scripts on the new website prevent it from opening on my work computers. This is extremely discouraging.


        Please make more options for using the lingot. For example, buying the bird a house, or different vacations for the bird. Need more options for using lingots. Current options are boaring. I only like the gold suit for the bird and the day streek.


        There used to be more things to do with Lingots, and depending on which languages you're using there's even less. I think they've been meaning to get rid of them for a while, but the blue health gems test they've been running on iPhones has been a little controversial with some people


        I used to get those add odd for the chick .... very fond of him he cheers me up especially the walking chick whistling. Can’t get the suits not happening now on my updated site. Does anyone know why?


        Are you talking about the owl and the costumes? They're only on the apps, not the website version


        How can I see how many words I have learned?


        Not all languages have that. Better to check your profile on duome.eu


        Unable to access Duolingo because you want a profile and already used my e-mail address in the old system. Not user friendly anymore. Can’t use it because profile says my e-mail is already used


        you realize that you are accessing DL right now?


        I would love to see more features added to the mobile website (leaderboards, friends search), as well as the iOS app.


        Not planned: Ability to toggle between Cyrillic and Roman alphabet in Russian and Ukrainian courses

        This is quite disappointing, when I have writing exercise and I'm working on computer without russian keyboard this course becomes a pain in the bum.


        Duolin.com is coming up blank. I was on a streak of over 360 days. Now I can't even get on duolingo to continue. Are there any other free language learning sites? I did like Duolingo.


        try duolingo.com . how did you even post here without being able to reach the website?


        What is friending?


        You know, like Facebook.

        I think they are referring to the old Clubs that were available. Maybe. Or perhaps they are talking about Following, which is where strangers stalk you unless you block them. I've turned off some features to discourage that creepy practice. You used to be informed that someone was following you and be encouraged to follow them back. No thanks.


        old Clubs

        Clubs were merely introduced at that point. Little you know what you are talking about here.

        P. S. Not to mention that Following is still possbile even now.


        I've been called back to work and no longer have the time to use my duolingo+ account, and wish to discontinue service. This is proving to be quite the problem. I've tried to stop my bank from auto-payments. That didn't work. Can anyone help me?

        • 1814

        This thread is probably not the best place to post this, as it's an old thread. Try looking at the support page at https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004068123-How-do-I-cancel-my-Duolingo-Plus-subscription-

        If this doesn't work, you'd need to contact Support. I'm not sure how to contact them directly, as I've never had to do it, but a post in the Troubleshooting Forum at https://forum.duolingo.com/topic/647 would probably be seen by someone who could help.


        For the Hebrew language a whole lot of audio is missing. The cartoon characters don’t speak as they do on the French language one; in the discussion area even there the audio is missing so there is no way to check pronunciation. Please restore this as soon as possible. It is making DuoLingo in part redundant as a learning tool and after years of using DuoLingo I am needing to turn elsewhere. Thank you


        Can you tell me how long it will be before the te reo māori programme is ready to go please?


        William Donnan. I cannot get any answer to my problem. The system has greyed out and will not let me complete the Agreement section on the Spanish site. Is anyone there?


        What to do when your lessons don't register as completed? I did 4 lessons and none registered? Anyone awake at Duo?


        Will the lingot system also get replaced with the new gems version which I have right now on an iOS device? It would be nice to have the same kind of learning system on multiple devices. For now I have the "new" gems on my phone and the "old" lingots in the browser.


        Last I heard, they have no plans to switch lingots to gems in the browser version right now.


        It's never coming to the desktop.


        The website works a lot better for me now. Giving multiple lingots to someone was always laggy as ❤❤❤❤ and would from time to time crush Chrome even. Using the microphone was making major problems too (the button to continue often wouldn't stop being grey), so I stopped using it completely a year ago. Works fine now!

        Everything seems to respond faster in general now. Great job!

        Edit: Giving multiple lingots quickly still makes the website almost freeze completely... :/


        Keep up the awesome work!


        I was going to post a "kudos", as I've been away for several days and just came back to the new website. The Tips and Notes seem more straightforward and complete, which to me make the site more like an interactive textbook. I've done just one Practice session thus far but look forward to seeing how the other sections have improved.


        Thanks so much for the update! I'll keep checking back for more!


        As a developer, I appreciate the improvements :)


        That's good to know some changes and improvements are taking place to improve and increase durability.


        I seem to have two names the original had 1500 points why ha I lost them?


        What are tiny cards?


        Good! I was wondering when were you gonna ditch that outdated Backbone website :)

        Rest In Peace Backbone, you will be missed :)


        When will Duolingo add Clubs to the website? It would be great if you added that to the new website! So far, I'm liking the new updates.


        Thank you for posting this (-|-)


        So how do I get to troubleshooting?

        • 1814

        Assuming you are on desktop, click on "Discuss" on the menu bar, and look at "Your Subscriptions" on the right hand side of the page. If "Troubleshooting" isn't there, click on "Edit" and add it from the menu that appears.

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