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Reverse tree completed (yay!), now what?

Grammar, is by far the most difficult thing to master here, any tips? And where can I find reading materials for intermediate/advanced level? Any tips for improving my vocabulary in both German and English I guess?

June 15, 2017



well if you're on an intermediate/advanced level, read anything that interests you. Try to think of something, look up what that thing is called in German, and then look for that.


Along that line, I have been reading http://www.spektrum.de - a science magazine with some interesting and not too difficult articles.



For German DW has a lot of great resources. Also youtube try German with Jenny and German with Ania. You can also get a conversation partner. I will also recommend to take a test in DW to know your level.


OMG! Ania is so full of pep! :)


Congratulations! Short answer reading, videos, TV, person to person if possible. I don't do German but on Amazon (and likely wherever you buy books) I find doing the search in your target language gets better results. For example I search "histoires français" or" la science fiction français".

I'm sure others will have better specifically German suggestions for you.

Good luck!

Beelinguapp has German. A collection of short short stories with audio and translation that can be added or removed with a touch.


when we were learning languages in school we would often be given short stories to read, even though they were aimed at younger children, they were still helpful for learning and using our skills. Perhaps see if you can find some fairytales in german on the internet. ^^


There are lots of german fairytales online as most are now out of copyright. Try Brüder Grimm to start (there are complete works available for free on Kindle or project Guttenberg); they're often great but the language and spelling tends to be a bit archaic. Otherwise try books you're familiar with such as Harry Potter.


Congrats! Im also doing all possible reverse trees for german with the languages I speak (spanish, italian and english).


Congratulations! If you are looking for reading material, you can check out bookstores (at least near where I am, they have sections with different languages, including German) or you can google digital reading material. German TV shows and sitcoms can be quite helpful as well. (There's a pretty good German sitcom called Extra that my teacher showed us) or you could move on to a different app and see if you can pick up on anything new there


Thanks, reading material offline is just not available where I live but I'll definitely watch the sitcom, thanks. I think I'll complete german section from memrise as well

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