"He talks in March."

Translation:Er spricht im März.

6 years ago



I'm a bit surprised that Duo hasn't introduced the verb reden yet, but instead they sometimes translate 'talk' as 'sprechen'.

When would you use reden vs sprechen auf Deutsch?

6 years ago

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I'm just trying to figure out the context where, "He talks in March" would be used!

5 years ago


Like a guest lecture series and his turn to talk is in March. But remember DL just provides "grammatically accurate" sentences; not necessarily useful ones.

4 years ago

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But why was 'Im Marz sricht Er' marked incorrect?

2 years ago


Other than the missing 'p' in 'spricht', missing umlaut in 'März', and the extraneous capitalization of 'er', I don't see why that wouldn't be OK. But word order changes like that is one of the things I still struggle with too.

2 years ago


And shuts up for the rest of the year? :p

3 years ago


Hahahaha yea it seems like that

3 years ago


Can i write in in place of im i have seen it using sometimes is there a diffrence between the two

2 years ago


In - in. Im - short form of IN DEM. With an article. You can say for example: Ich bin in dem Auto. Or: Ich bin im Auto. Means the same: I am in the car.

2 years ago

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Could someone remind me why it is 'im März', and not 'in der März'. I thought it would be accusative as there is no motion involved.

2 days ago
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