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  5. "なつは川でおよぎます。"


Translation:I swim in the river in the summer.

June 15, 2017



夏 (summer) は川 (river) で泳ぎます (to swim)


Will we get Kanji more often than this?


The Japanese sentence doesn't specify we...


That is context dependent. I had answered with "I" and it was accepted so it should be fairly flexible


I also answered with "I" and it was not accepted


You might wish to include your entire answer next time and what Duo's correction was. Otherwise your comment is next to useless.


It can be specified with 私達 (わたしたち) in front of the topic marker but the topic of this sentence is なつ - 'summer', so it is context based how you read it. Maybe the 'we' subject was introduced in a foregoing sentence.


the particle next to 夏 here is confusing, makes it sound like summer is swimming in the river. is に not appropriate here?


は marks the topic, not necessarily the grammatical subject. The sentence basically reads 'speaking of summer, X swims in the river' where X is omitted and left implied.

Now you could definitely assume that X is summer, but the much more natural reading (basically how Japanese people would automatically read that sentence) is that the speaker is X, unless there's some other context that makes it clear they're talking about someone or something else. (We don't have that, so Duo expects I or we). If you want to say summer is going swimming, you'd have to go out of your way to make that explicitly clear.

You just need to get used to reading things the Japanese way - if someone said "Summer! Gonna swim!" you'd understand exactly what they meant, right? Same deal


true, I think I have to get used to this notion of the "topic"


Both に as well as は work here, depending on the emphasis.


where did we come


What's wrong with "In summer I will swim in the river?" The masu-form can be present or future. Without context the sentence can also be singular or plural.


"I will swim in the river in the summer?" was accepted by duolingo. Maybe they want the subject at the beginning of the sentence.


Thé prononciation of ALL phrases are fakes!! I am Japaneae!ものすごく間違いが多いですね。。。


Why not "during the summer"?


Is there anything wrong with "In summer I swim in rivers" ?
Would there be a different sentence used to imply there are many rivers you go swimming in during the summer, as opposed to "the river"?


I thought なつ is a name of a person. You should say "夏、私たちは川で泳ぎます。"


"In the summer, I will swim in the river" Is this not correct?


Ce n’est pas le bon accent! C’est pas NAtu mais c naTU

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