When You Aren't Feeling Motivated.

I know how you feel. Sometimes it can be very, very difficult. Sometimes you want to quit. Even for learning a language is it difficult. But try, try, again for you will never know when you will master something. It could be the second time you try it or even the tenth time. Never stop trying. I just want you people, who are learning a language, to know that you are never alone. People can and will help you. I may not be on a language-learning streak right now due to discouragement but I am not going to stop trying. This is a reminder for us all to keep out heads high and our brains learning.

June 15, 2017


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Haha, I read your title about motivation, and I saw your profile picture with the puppies, and that automatically motivated me! :-)

Besides that, great post! Thanks for sharing!

June 15, 2017

Puppies always seem to impact motivation! And, you're welcome. :)

I needed this today, thank you.

You're welcome. I am glad you had a chance to read this post.

Thank you! And, same to you, you are great!


Thank you so much, motivation is indeed very important when you learn a language in particular, or anything else like math or history in general.

You're welcome. :)

thx that is really good advice i wish i knew how to give that good advice :P

Any advice is better than no advice, usually. And, don't worry about it, one day you will write something that will inspire many others.

This really helped. Recently I've been busy with other activities and just sort of gave up on Doulingo. But my twin (who also uses doulingo) told me the numerous opportunities in life if I mastered a language, but still I wasn't quite ready to return. But your post and many other's have pushed me past my dormant stage in language learning, and for that I applaude you. Thank you again and have a wonderful day :)

My pleasure! And, you also have an amazing day! :)

Thanks for the lingot! (if u were the one who gave me it)

Oh, I didn't give you a lingot!

I followed you on tinycards

I followed you back! :)

I wonder who did...?

Thank you! I try my very best. :)

You're welcome :)


very nice post, thanks for including everyone, it also describes me.

You're welcome. : )

Thank you! This is just what I needed to read right now!

I am glad that I could help. :)

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