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Complete Japanese Duolingo vocabulary/word list

I am looking for a complete list of the words used in Duolingo, preferably in the order which each word makes its first appearance in Duolingo. Does anyone know of such a list or can someone make that list?

June 15, 2017



dude I was googling it today and found this question, but also this wikipedia that has vocab from the lessons??? amazing??? https://duolingo.fandom.com/wiki/Japanese_Skill:Hiragana_1

it goes up until the skill position though....


I know that's not quite the answer you are looking for but: I have found it far more useful to create my own lists. The act of writing them down already helps the learning process. Also, I can put words into sentences which helps me remember them better; I can add kanji or explanations as I see fit; I can put in verb forms (I like to put the dictionary, -mas, and -te forms on one card).

Much more useful to me than a pre-existing list.


I don't know of such a list personally. However, I believe they have something similar on tinycards.


If anybody still looking for a full list you can make a dulingo classroom and there you will find a a full list of words and letters used in every lesson ordered by the lesson


Yeah I saw those, looking for more of a list, and more complete

If you look closely at those they're all incomplete


Thanks so much for this link! I'm using Duolingo with my students and don't want to have to do the entire program myself to see what's on there.

[deactivated user]

    Use duolingo schools it has all the vocabulary separated into each topic


    I have just copied over two vocab lists from Duolingo. One has all the words from the Japanese course in alphabetical order by hiragana/kanji; the other is by lesson.

    What I did was use the link https://duome.eu/USERNAME/progress and click the tab saying Words.

    The words you have already studied will be in blue and have attached soundfiles. There is no English words, but you can click on them to hear and read. I print off a copy, and test myself or write in the translations.

    You can do the same lesson by lesson, but that takes a little longer to copy and paste.


    Yeah I saw this one but was hoping for one that is organized by rough order in appearance in Duolingo. These are listed way differently

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