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Para vs. por

How do you differentiate it? Like which one to use and all that?

March 22, 2014



POR: cause, motive, because of, on behalf of, on account of (cierro la ventana por mi abuela); duration of time (Estoy aquí por un mes); through, by, along, by way of (Juan va por Calle Insurgentes al museo); in exchange for (Los plátanos son diez pesos por veinte); measure, frequency - like the English "per" (Ese auto va cien km por hora); with the object of an errand (Voy al mercado por lechuga). PARA: re. the intended use of something or someone (Este vaso es para cerveza); re. a recipient (Esta blusa es para tí, Mamá); re. toward a certain direction (Salimos para México mañana); re. a specific point in time (Este museo está abierto para Navidad); re. a purpose (Estudiamos para hablar español); lack of correspondence, implied comparison (El es muy honrado para un político). There may be other instances of usage. And, even though I theoretically know the above, I still confuse the two!


after learning how to use these, I consistently mixed them up. Same thing happened when I finally found out how to use este/esto...


Golly! I know right?


In general think para for purpose, por for reason, para looks forwards and por looks back


These sites help, but it's still not easy. Reading the sites, then taking their tests (if available) is very useful though.





go to u tube and look for professor Jason and look for the por and para presentation, in fact, he has about 70 different lessons


Thanks for the tip on professor Jason - I'll be exploring many of his videos!


Enjoyed his discussion.


Beginning to become more clear. thanks all.


Basically, "para" is used to say "for" and "por" is used to say "by". However, "por" will be used in sentences that wouldn't translate to "by". I hope this makes sense.

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