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  5. "Do you hear us?"

"Do you hear us?"

Translation:Hörst du uns?

June 15, 2017



Why does "Horen Ihr uns" not work?


Why does "Horen Ihr uns" not work?

  • Horen is not a German word ("to hear" is hören with an umlaut -- or hoeren if you can't write the umlaut)
  • ihr verb forms have a -t at the end, not -en, e.g. ihr esst, ihr trinkt, ihr hört

So it has to be Hört ihr uns?.

Also, ihr as a subject pronoun meaning "you" is not capitalised, except (optionally) in letters.


"Kannst du uns horen?" was marked as incorrect - why?


I would say that it is because you translated 'Can you hear us?' not 'Do you hear us?'. Although the idea might be very similar, DL would like us to work on particular structures and not general approximations. When you're chatting to real people, I would say that you could use either of those sentences, but not here.


What's the difference between dich and du?


Dich is Accusative case ( i see you, ich sehe dich, you are the object), du is nominative, the subject (du siehst mich, you see me)


why wouldn't "du horst uns?" work (with the umlaut over the o)


Because that would mean "You hear us?".

You used the word order for a statement, not for a normal question -- those start with a verb.


How did you learn so much language, I am outstood!


Why can't it be "Hörst du unseren"? Isn't the accusative case?


Why can't it be "Hörst du unseren"? Isn't the accusative case?

Because you were supposed to translate "Do you hear us?" and not "Do you hear ours?".

Isn't the accusative case?


But you need the accusative of the personal pronoun wir (we), i.e. uns (us) -- not the masculine accusative of the possessive pronoun unser (ours), i.e. unseren (ours).


While not proper, is "hörst uns" something that would be used in German?


While not proper, is "hörst uns" something that would be used in German?

Not in the standard language.

You might hear it in some dialects.


What? When i clicked on "us" and it said USA so i typed USA and it daid it was wrong

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