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  5. I am proud of my streak


I am proud of my streak

I have decided not to continue any further because I felt as if I was pressured to go onto the Internet daily. I feel burned out after 500 days. I am incredibly grateful that Duolingo helped me with language learning.

I did plan to end the streak beforehand. Despite knowing that I wanted to do so, I do feel slightly sad because I have been on Duolingo for such a long time. However, I also feel liberated, especially when I have been involved in other things that required coming onto the Internet daily. I would like to take a break from Duolingo.

It would be nice if longest streaks were recorded on our profiles. I sure hope this will be implemented in the future.

I am going to start engaging in the culture for language learning, especially watch my favorite shows dubbed in that particular language, in addition to Duolingo.

June 16, 2017



Not sure whether you're aware of the Streak Hall of Fame, it's for people who have a 365+ day streak. I looked, and didn't see your name. In order to join, the list is updated on Sundays, but you have to sign up on a different post, and still be active on Sunday. Here is the sign-up post, if you're interested: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13152151

And if you're interested, you'll end up with a few more days than 500. Best wishes. :)


I would like to end it on exactly 500 days. Would I be allowed buy streak freezes to keep it active until Sunday to qualify for the Hall of Fame?

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That should work.


Thank you very much.


great suggestion to join the HOF! If you look a the page, you'll see that the no-longer-active streaks are placed below the active streaks, so as soon as you stop maintaining your streak, this is where your 500 day streak will be listed. :-)


Thank you for mentioning that. I am just glad that I get a chance to be on the HOF :)


I admire you Camilla


My 827 day streak ended because I decided to take a vacation!


I agree - you should finish purposely, so you don't feel exasperated and sad when you accidentally stop. And I understand not wanting to feel like you have to do duolingo everyday : ) Way to go for how far you got - I'm hoping to get as far as 300, let alone 500!!


Thank you very much. Good luck on reaching 300 days. You have made it quite far too. :)


Your welcome : ) Thank you! I've had quite a few different streaks, but this is my longest.


I respect and admire that some people can surpass 2+ years on Duolingo. However, as for myself, I cannot keep it up anymore.


you've done amazing work. All good wishes for you as you go out in the world and enjoy using your language skills!


That make total sense to me : ) Good luck on your Spanish!


Don't stop now.


I am studying on several sites at once. I don't see any big purpose to keeping a streak going here. The overall impulse to keep studying is important. I actually deliberately stop because streaks, overall, are just a distraction. But if it works for you, proceed!


I would like my 50 day streak listed. It is an important event.

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