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Has anyone made a Swahili tiny cards deck?

Habari! I am trying to work on strengthening my Swahili vocabulary. And to be honest - It is not going well :/

What do you all use in addition to Duo to strengthen your Swahili vocabulary?

Also has anyone made a Swahili deck in Tiny cards yet?

Asante Sana! - Allison

June 16, 2017



I like to use memrise. I use readlang to read BBC Swahili news articles and then like to make my own word list to memrise my unknown vocab using memrise.


there are also some swahili courses on there too!


Memrise is good to practice learning all the words. I use it in combination with DuoLingo.. Somebody added the whole? DuoLingo course to memrise. Personally, I don't like tiny cards. It's learning intensity is much lower than with memrise.. I now start recognizing words in the BBC news in Swahili, which is a nice addition.


I have never heard of memrise! I am so excited to check it out! Thanks everyone :)

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