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Influence of Forgein Languages in life

There are over 7 billion people in on the Earth, and over 6500 living languages. In the USA alone there are about 300 languages. 149 come from immagrints. Many English words come from Latin, Spanish, and French roots (and others). Forgein languages has impacted the diveristy of the world, and brought people together though wonderful sites such as Duolingo. I just want to know- how do you think forgein languages has impacted your life and many others? Also, please pardon any spelling mistakes. Thank you and have a nice day.

June 16, 2017



Languages (and people) has showed me how to think and understand the world in many different paths and ways...People is different overseas and in a same country so, how much can we learn of each others to complement us?


Sleason: your age is so young but your mind is so big ! Oh yes,it impacted my life.To know the other's traditions,customs,rules and regulations.Here,you will compare to your culture.You will know where is the weakness and strength.Where is the curse and blessings.No doubt that we,as humans have a common share and it will be a win to know what is this common share.Go ahead.You are brilliant !

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