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Are there any online courses for Icelandic?

I already know some of the grammar but I'm only 25% there. I've been relying entirely on one textbook for all my information. It would be really helpful if there was a nice online course or database of the grammar. I remember when I was learning Old Norse, there was a website that taught it which was very helpful. I actually found it easier than learning Icelandic now, and I didn't even know anything about languages back then. I am seriously considering relearning Old Norse instead just because it's easier to find resources.

June 16, 2017



Well, you could check out memrise. It may have Icelandic courses that you can take. Check out this link: https://www.memrise.com/courses/english/icelandic/ Hope it helps!


This used to be asked often and still is asked not infrequently--probably because it is a great question. See the links and links to links in these posts (w/ lots of repeats!): post a, post b, post c, post d. And there is quite a bit more out there--very often textbooks rather than interactive sites, but they can work quite well as an introduction, of course.


There is the aptly named Icelandic Online course.


Yeah, I tried out that course a few times. I don't really like it. It's one of "those" learning websites that try to teach you phrases and stuff instead of grammar (and it's in Icelandic, for some reason). I'm looking for something more like a lesson by lesson guide to grammar.


Ah, next best I can think of is if there are DLI/FSI courses for it. You can dig around here for those courses. I don't see an Icelandic one unfortunately.


Maybe you can find something here, the "language market": http://tungumalatorg.is/ and e.g. here http://tungumalatorg.is/viltu_laera_islensku/en

Amazingly I understand a bit of what is said with my Swedish: http://tungumalatorg.is/viltu_laera_islensku/en/n11/

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