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finished spanish tree. need study plan

finished spanish tree level twenty. still have very low fluency. i am wondering how best to proceed with my Spanish.? Ideas? Discussion? En ingles o espanol? Gracias

June 16, 2017



Ok, first of all, ignore the fluency on Duolinguo. Second of all, what level are you at (beginner or intermediate)? I would say work on your weak points (what you struggle with the most), also, remember if you want to learn a language, you must surround yourself in it. No, I'm not asking you to go to Spain. I'm saying you should listen to Spanish music, news, and watch movies (with English subtitles). Remember, the key to learning a language is speaking it. Practice makes perfect. Also, review your grammar. (reading, writing, and speaking are all very important, though I would say speaking is the most important out of all three). Practice whenever you have the time (try to practice a few minutes everyday, and you will see your vocabulary rise). You can do it! So, depending on your level of Spanish, if you are a beginner, go on websites like memrise to review conjugations and words. Once you reach a higher level, then you can start watching movies, the news and listening to songs. Again, sorry for any bad grammar, and sorry that it is long or if any repetitions occurred. Hope I helped. Good luck :)

[deactivated user]

    Try busuu, it seems like it train language skills in somewhat more advanced and active way. Also, there are communication with real native speakers.


    Thanks to all. These comments are all teriffic. Destinos is great, and i am checking out the others. In duo i am going to keep hitting the verbs until i can time all of them. That and keep mending the tree.
    thanks again...Rich

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