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I'm still working on German (immer!) but trying to figure out what language is most like German that would be somewhat easy to try next. I think I liked Dutch or Swedish. So many great languages (like Tagalog & Turkish) I want to learn but I need an easier cross over for now. Thanks for any input!

June 16, 2017



What about Dutch? Similar but different. The scandinavian languages are more different from German than it looks.


Dutch is grammatically much more similar to German, but Swedish is less complicated (and you certainly won't want for English or German cognates in either). Both are very good Duo courses, although I feel the Dutch one would particularly benefit from expansion. The Turkish tree is very short indeed (although well-put-together).


If you are an English speaker and are working on German, you will find Dutch to be a good choice.


Dutch is the closest to German.


Yiddish is also very closely related to German.

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