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Duolingo, Thanks!

A few days a go I logged on and realised I had just got the new website. At first, I thought my account was doomed, but now I actually have experienced a bit of it. I love it how it has little things at the end of the lesson like the weekly wager thing and so on. It's just great! Also, yesterday, I forgot to meet my daily goal and I thought I lost my streak but my streak freeze saved it. I just want to say thank you Duolingo for being the best language learning online course ever! Up vote if you think it too!

June 16, 2017



Agreed! Now if they could just fix it to where everyone can talk to each other, and not on Discussion, then everything would be perfect!!!!


I am afraid that duolingo might see himself like that man in the picture


Altogether Duolingo is good.

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