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  5. "いけぶくろでマンガの本をかいます。"


Translation:I am going to buy manga in Ikebukuro.

June 16, 2017



I'm not sure why anyone would specifically go to Ikebukuro to buy manga. Your neighborhood bookstore will have plenty of selection.


Well, let's just say that Ikebukuro is likely to have manga that may not be so easily found elsewhere. It is a place that has grown to attract female otaku especially, somewhat in contrast to Akihabara.


Of course, it HAS been more than 20 years since I lived in Japan. Good to know.


So they mostly sell romance Mangas?


more like BL and otome games stuff




Fine except for the double ま at the end there


What's ikebukuro?


Ikebukuro is a neighborhood in Tokyo


It's one of the more quiet, residential parts of the city.


It should accept "In Ikebukuro, I buy (manga/comic books)."


No it shouldn't because the Japanese word マンガ does not mean "manga" in English.


"Manga" and "comic books" are both accepted because マンガ means both. I think they're asking more about the word order or the tense of the verb.


Due to the incredible popularity of 日本語のマンガ "manga" is a word that is acceptable in english to describe japanese style comics.


My point was that the Japanese word マンガ, when used in Japanese, does not mean Japanese-style comics. It simply means comics. Any kind of comics, including non-Japanese-style comics.


While I agree with you that manga means both, I find that in actual usage when a person is talking about American superhero comic books, they're much more likely to say アメコミ (amekomi). I think that Japanese is starting to make the same distinction that English makes.


At least I try to, but there's this super-human bartender-lookin' dude running around throwing refrigerators at everyone.


Does anyone else feel like 漫画の本 is slightly redundant? 漫画 certainly refers to the genre, which I gather is why it was written this way, but it also refers to a given physical comic book, so this essentially saying "a comic book book".

PS please forgive me translating 漫画 as comic book, I realize it is its own thing, this is just for demonstration purposes.


マンガ isnt a genre in the same way "comic book" isnt a genre. Horror, comedy, action are genres. マンガ is a medium.


It does seem redundant. I'm not sure if that's a quirk of referring to acquiring the physical object vs reading it?


"I'm going to buy a Manga in Ikebukuro" was not accpted. "I will buy a manga in Ikebukuro". "I'm going to" and "I will" are both really the same thing.


In "Japanese English", they're actually two different things, which is why I think most sentences were pre-programmed with "will" but not with "be going to". It just needs to be reported to be added.


I said "i will go to ikebukuro to buy manga" and it marked it wrong because its supposed to be "i am going to buy manga in ikebukuro". Arent these the same thing?


The verb in your sentence and the verb in duolingo's translation are different.

池袋で漫画の本を買います。 (Ikebukuro de manga no hon o kaimasu)

I'm going to buy manga in Ikebukuro / I will buy manga in Ikebukuro / I buy manga in Ikebukuro.

漫画の本を買うために池袋に行きます。(manga no hon o kau tame ni ikebukuro ni ikimasu)

I'm going to go to Ikebukuro to buy manga / I will go to Ikebukuro to buy manga / I go to Ikebukuro to buy manga



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