Problems and Questions about the Duolingo Chinese to English course


I've been learning Chinese on the reverse Duolingo tree for a while. I initially learned Chinese on the HelloChinese APP, and used different sources to learn pinyin. I have finally finished the tree after 6 months and have been keeping it gold for a few weeks now. I appreciate every moderator's efforts here and I want to thank you for your hard work!

That being said, there are some problems I have had while working with the tree. I feel that most of them stem from my not understanding of the language. If that's the case, I hope people can "relax" me about that issue ;P haha.

Inconsistent translation of 那(个),这(个),它, 那些,这些,它们 to that, this , it ,those, these, they (respectively)

Read this discussion ( I’ve been told by people in this community “not to worry about this” as all of them are ok to be used interchangeably. But then, I get a sentence like “那些是我的” and then when I write “These are mine” in English, Duolingo will not accept that answer. So, what am I supposed to do? I translate literally and it works. But then some multiple choice Duolingo questions come up and if I don’t select the less literal answer, I get the question wrong!

Inconsistency with teaching present simple and present continuous tense

In your Present Progressive lesson, you enforce the "ing" rule and mark me wrong when I don't say the "ing" , but when I'm on the clothing lesson, you say I'm wrong for not choosing the "ing" answer.

Time tenses are important in English despite how odd it sounds in Chinese. Don't say 着 or 正在 and then say that the simple present tense answer is also correct.

This is a problem with Duolingo in general. Some courses don't take tenses seriously while they can or should as their language permits. This problem happens in the English to Spanish course too. With Chinese not having tenses, and instead having to use workaround words and particles for tenses, this adds to the problem. An example:

Not accepting optional omission of “一个“ or “个”

Once in ever, like, 40 excercises, questions like “He is an engineer” or something simple of that sort will not accept an answer like “他是工程师” but prefers me to add the indefinite particle 他是”一个”工程师。That question per se don’t have this problem, but it’s simple sentence question.

Verb forms sometimes not accepted on image questions

For example, you’re shown a picture of a competition, but you can’t write “compete” or “to compete”. Only the noun form “competition” is accepted.

And stuff like this… but I’ll cut you some slack haha

edit: Sorry about my typos, I wrote this in a rush.

June 16, 2017

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i’m stuck about 1/3 in because the app won’t accept chinese character answers or pinyin answers as correct (even thou they are).

September 16, 2018
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