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Best platform to learn Hindi

A friend of mine asked me to give him some suggestions on websites which offer Hindi as he wants to learn it! So do you know any great platform which offers Hindi? Something like Duolingo ideally :D Happy Learning Pals :D

June 16, 2017



I will try my best to help you. There is of course, Hindi courses on memrise. There is a pod 101 for Hindi, there's Rosetta stone, though that's money. You can also search up "learn Hindi" on youtube and even find apps for it (like Learn Hindi Phrases and Words- Bravolol - Language Learning). Though, I would say Memrise would be the best to use, since I use it for French and plus, the app version is really fun. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help. If I find more resources, I'll let you know.


I myself have tried Japanese on Memrise app & it's great but there is no same thing for Hindi developed by Memrise itself. Most of Hindi material is provided by users, so not much effective. Anyway, thanks for the recommendations :)


I would recommend www.penpalland.com its a language exchange-based website so you can ptactise language with native hindi speakers.


Mondly do a course in Hindi and it has a lot of similarities to Duolingo. Your friend will need to learn the Devanagari alphabet used for Hindi as most courses I have seen use that writing system exclusively.

PS For a one off payment of about $20 gives you full access to ALL their courses.


I appreciate your helpful answer :)


Wow! Thanks for the resource bombardment :D


It will keep you busy for a while ;-)

I would recommend further to have a look at the app http://langu.ag

It offers 160 natural languages, costs $5 (1 language for free to try).

I have it a few days now, and think it is really good (for vocabulary), and use it myself for many (e.g. non-DuoLingo) languages (Arabic, Finnish, Icelandic, ...) already. Trying further e.g. Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Russian, ...


Seems great, especially for its strength in vocabulary


I think it sure is. And you have the same English vocabulary words to learn (like to start with hello, no, yes, good morning, ...), but then in 160 different natural languages (written, transliteral, an image and you hear it spoken (by a (native) speaker)). And the same user interface, similar like Duolingo, and also XP.


isnt the hindi course ready yet im really excited


The contributor was changed because the previous one was making slow progress. I posted about the change here. The estimated date hasn't been changed from the 1st of September, so it's not too far away if it progresses well.


If you look on the Duolingo PC website, click on "Add A Course" and if you scroll down you should find Hindi, however I think either the course hasn't been launched yet or the hatching isn't 100% complete, but you can click on that and they the Duolingo team will offer to notify you when the course is out. I hope this helps :-)


Turns out the Hindi course is in Beta, so it should be out veeerry soon


Hindi is already for weeks available on Duolingo. E.g. on Android phone launch Firefox app, goto duolingo.com then add Hindi language.

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