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Japanese for English speakers

hi everyone, do we have any clue about when the Japanese for English speakers course will be in beta? It was supposed to be ready by May 18th, but almost a month has gone by and it is not ready yet.

June 16, 2017



At the moment the japanese course is only available on the iOS and Android app. The desktop version will come "later this year"


Yes, I'm also wondering about that, I thought releasing the course on the website is easier than by applications for smartphones. I just can't wait to start it and hate to use a phone for learning whatsoever or typing.


I've been trying out the Android Japanese course and its been surprisingly okay. I was skeptical about going into it but just couldn't wait any longer so I gave it a go. The only typing you have to worry about is English, all other forms of input are done in a text block selection way for Japanese characters. Its honestly very intuitive feeling. Also, the material is just the right amount of challenging imo.


Thanks for explaining. I still hate using my phone for typing whatsoever, the screen is just too small for that, I almost never text. Besides, in Japanese it would be actually good to practise some kana or even kanji writing, not for nothing I installed these keyboards on my computer. :)

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