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  5. "今は五時十五分です。"


Translation:It is 5:15 right now.

June 16, 2017



How do I know if it's 5:50 or 5:15?


Depends on what you say first. "Jyuu Go" would be 15 and "Go Jyuu" would be 50.


Jyuu Go = 10+5 Go Jyuu= 5 times 10

We write Ju either instead of Jyu We don't type double "u" like Jyuu. Actually we pronounce differently between "じゅ" & "じゅう". But we type "Jyu" or "Ju" when describing both じゅ" & "じゅう" in general Romanization of Japanese.


so 今は五時十五分です。is "it's 5:15 right now" and 今は五時五十分です。is "it's 5:50 right now"


Think about it as number, place, number. San hiyaku go jiyuu roku would be 3 hundreds, 5 tens, and 6 or 356.


God that's a tongue twister


No kidding. I have real problems saying it out loud.


When your original language is spanish this is very simple xD


Why is it 今は rather than just 今? I'm confused about time expressions


Japanese uses particles like these to signify the role various nouns take on in a sentence. In this case, は, indicates the topic of the sentence, which is, 今. It tells us that is what we are talking about.


But why can't the は be ommited in this case? 今一時です is correct but why not 今五時十五分です? (at least duolingo will mark it as wrong)


I honestly just thought of は as simply "is/are" in early duolingo, until about 15ish skills in, and then decided to have what it actually does explained. It's great to learn it early on, but not completely necessary in my opinion for starters and would recommend learning other grammar rules before hand whilst this one doesn't matter too much. So, if you want to say "Now is/it's now/ right now it's" just use は.


why must i use (right now) instead of just (now) ?


you can use "now" if you wish. It works.


Just "now" didn't work for me either


I can't tell if it is saying "hun" or "fun" after the 15. Can anyone clarify?


The pronunciation for 分 「ふん」 can be a bit blurry sometimes. It can be either "fun" or "hun" depending on what is easier to say for Japanese people. It's all to make the speech flow easily.


The sound is in between an f and an h, the best way I can explain it is that it's like pronouncing an "f" through the lips instead of touching your bottom lip to your top row of teeth.


After 2, 5, 7 and 9 it is "fun".


Is there anything wrong with "It is now 5:15 o'clock"


5:15 o'clock is not proper English. You only use the words o'clock when speaking about an exact time on the hour (aka 0 minutes), like 7:00, 8:00, etc.


how do i know whether its ふん or ぶん


ふん and ぷん are used for minutes as Jacob explained
1, 3, 6, 8, 10 use ぷん

ぶん is actually the reading the kanji takes when counting "parts"
三分・さんぶん・ three parts
半分・はんぶん・half (of something)
十分・じゅうぶん・10 parts - also means "sufficient, enough" because 10/10 is a whole


Sorry for my addition. When using the word “三分”, we only pronounce さんぷん and the meaning is 3 minutes only. And 三分間 is さんぷんかん and means “for 3 minutes”.

三分の一 is さんぶんのいち and means 1/3.


Thank you for those additions.

So does 三分の一 literally mean "one of three parts"?


A bit late, but it is a bit strange how this works. First of all, I've never heard of it being ぶん, either ふん or ぷん, if the number that is the amount of minutes ends with one of these numbers: It goes to what it is. (Bad at explaining things) 一 = "いっぷん" 二 = "にふん" 三 = "さんぷん" 四 = "よんぷん" 五 = "ごふん" 六 = "ろっぷん" 七 = ”ななふん" 八 = ”はっぷん" 九 = "きゅうふん" 十 = "じゅっぷん” For example, fifteen minutes would be "十五分" or "じゅうごふん" As far as I'm aware, you just need to memorize this, it'll take a day or two at most.


Some people use さんふん either.


The way i broke it down in my head was as follows:

The first symbol means 'now' for the purposes of this lesson

This is followed up by the symbol ほ which indicates that 'now' is the subject

We then have the symbol for 'five' followed by the symbol for 'hours' then we have the symbols for 'ten', 'five' and 'minutes'

So when you break down and reconstruct the sentance in english you end up with something similar to 'regarding now, five hours, (ten and five) minutes

This is followed by です which finishes the sentance and indicates that the time is happening (if that makes sense)

Can I confirm that the above breakdown makes sense?


Is there a japanese word equivalent to saying quarter past or quarter to seeing as there is half past 半


The audio is pretty poor quality and quite unclear, considering we are only just learning it.


「今は5時15分です」「今は5時15分です」are also should be accepted. We use Arabic numbers more than kanji numbers these days. Especially when writing horizontally.


Jyu was shown as 10 earlier?!


十 is indeed 10, but notice that there's also a 五(5) directly after, meaning "ten-five," or 15.


What does 分 alone means?


It means 'minute'. Like 5分待ってください(please wait for 5 minutes)

[deactivated user]

    wait why did i answered "it is 5:15 o'clock right now",why is it wrong?im not an English person so is there something wrong with the grammar or something else???


    Yep, grammar. O'clock means an exact hour with 0 minutes passed. 5 o'clock it's equivalent to 5:00. 5:15 it's not o'clock because 15 minutes have already passed from the 5 hour mark. So 5:15 o'clock does not make sense in English.


    Why is it necessary to write "right now" instead of just "now" as in the other ones?


    This is weird... Sometimes it demands the o'clock or else its a wrong answer and sometimes it's a wrong answer if you type it...


    Use o'clock if the time is on an exact hour and 0 minutes, like 7:00 or 12:00


    It doesn't accept "17:15" even though without context afternoon seems more likely than morning.


    These tests are for the sake of learning. You should not think that answering these questions with logic will help you answer them. Also, to indicate if it's p.m. you use 'gogo - 午後' before mentioning the time.


    Is it wrong if my answer is "It is 5:15 exactly right now" not "It is 5:15 right now" ? ._.


    There is nothing in the sentence that says "exactly" ちょうど


    If you say "It is 5:05" here then it still counts it as correct because it assumes a typo. I think it would be better to count it as an error, as overhearing the 10 for the 15 is an important error :)


    I put exactly and it's wrong, why?


    There is nothing in the sentence that says "exactly" ちょうど

    今 means "now"


    When do you say 今は and when do you not say it? Thx


    今 means "now", so you would use it when a sentence says "now" or "right now"


    For some reason this question doesn't have an audio, so I'm writing it down here:


    いま は ごじ じゅう ご ふん です。

    Ima wa go ji jyuu go fun desu.

    Right now it is 5 hours and 15 minutes (5:15).


    Right Now It is 5:15 o'clock is wrong?


    We only add "o'clock" when it is on the hour. It is dropped if there are minutes involved.
    You can have "5 o'clock" but not "5:15 o'clock"


    now, its 10:15'' is wrong


    Lol i put 5:05 and it told me i was correct, and had a 'typo'


    it is so hard to get it only by a hearing


    There's something very annoying/odd about the exercises with hours like 5:15, 9:19, etc. The audio breaks the sentence between 十 and 五: "今は五時十五分です" Making it sound awkward. "It's fivefif. Teen now" It's like the 十 gets lost in the string and I think 5:05 instead of 5:15, because I hear 五分, not 十五分. Wouldn't "今は五時十五分です" make more sense? Do Japanese people actually break the sentence at that point, or it it a poor quality recording?

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