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  5. "ぼうしはあまりかぶりません。"


Translation:I do not wear hats very often.

June 16, 2017



If you honestly think your answer is correct then report it, help them build up the database of possible translations!


This counts in general for any question in any language all over DuoLingo.

Well said!


Good point. We all do this. But in all fairness, Duo should be better about staffing up contributors to mark those answers as correct. We get spurts of emails with notifications of a few corrections, but in all languages here I've seen many bad answers that had not been addressed by Duo for months or years.

Also, for me, the discussion is helpful for me to see when a question doesn't allow obvious answers. It's helpful to see what others are writing, and sometimes just amusing. As good as Duo is, sometimes it's really dumb, and it makes for an amusing little break sometimes to commiserate in the forums.


I know Swedish course had a problem with reporting because they would get the report but they wouldn't get the answer which the person who was reporting has written. Dunno if it's the same for the Japanese course


Things you wear and their respective verbs

着る 【き・る】- to wear Clothes that cover your-upper body and more (シャツ、ブラウス、ジャケット、ドレスなど)

履く 【は・く】- to wear Clothes for your lower-body and feet (ずぼん、ジーンズ、靴下、ブーツ、靴など)

被る 【かぶ・る】 – to cover Items that go over such as hats (帽子など)

かける – to hang Items that hang such as glasses and sunglasses (メガネ、サングラス)

巻く 【ま・く】 – to wrap Items that wrap around such as scarves (スカーフ、マフラーなど)

締める 【し・める】 – to tie Items that fasten such as neckties and belts (ネクタイ、ベルト、帯など)

着ける 【つけ・る】 Items that attach such as wigs and earrings (かつら、イヤリング、ピアスなど)

はめる – to insert Items you stick your finger into such as rings (指輪)

する – to do A generic term for things like gloves, earrings, necklaces (手袋、イヤリング、ネックレス)


むすぶ to tie.


Super helpful, thanks. :D


Very good explanation, how can i print it


Got dinged for "I don't wear hats much." Seriously?


Definitely report it, they change stuff daily.


How many worda are there in Japanewe for the word "wear"?




There are different words for wear? For hats, they've used かぶり For clothes, き? And its different in Negative sentences? Can someone please explain?


Yes, there are different words for wearing clothes depending on where on the body you wear them. I think kaburi is for the head, kiru for the upper body (or over all?) and haku for lower body and feet.


かぶる (kaburu)


I used "I rarely wear hats" and was acceptable.


Just a heads up, "I dont really wear hats" is accepted ~


It sounds like o at the first letter, and not bo, is that a bug?


I can hear it. It's a very soft 'b' at the start, followed by a strong OH!!! which is why I'm guessing it sounds like O at the start to you instead of BO. Try listening to it a bunch of times and listen for the 'b' at the start. It's just a matter of getting used to listening and understanding and familiarisation with the language - everything sounds faster when you don't understand it.


I don't think the B is there at all. I really tried to listen so many times...


It's definitely there. I just listened to it now.


"I do not often wear hats" was wrong...


Probably cos I do not wear hats often is a more natural sounding English translation?


It is grammatically more correct, but English speakers use both sentence structures a lot. Luckily DuoLingo accepts both now!


It was accepted for me as of September 18, 2017.


"I don't wear hats a lot" was wrong. It's probably bad English though


No, that should be fine. Feel free to report it if it happens again.

[deactivated user]

    I just tried this answer and it was marked as wrong, so I've reported it.


    It isn't grammatically incorrect - the words "often" and "a lot" are typically used interchangeably in casual English.

    Duo may be trying to emphasize the difference between "often" (frequency) and "a lot" (volume). Or in this case, あまり meaning "not often".

    Or they just haven't added it to the list of acceptable answers.


    An additional thing to remember

    There are many words that have 「ぼうし」reading, with 「子」as a「し」. Some are just inappropriate, so if you don't know your kanjis, check it in the dictionary!

    1. 帽子 = hat
    2. 亡子 = dead child
    3. 眸子 = eye, pupil
    4. 鋩子 = the edge at the very tip of a sword


    I said "I often do not wear hats" and I think it should also be accepted.


    I don't think they pronounced the 'ma'


    "I don't wear a hat much" and "I don't wear a hat often" are completely interchangeable in my mind. "Much" refering to the number of "times of wearing" - being many times, thus also "often". :-( i don't thunk this answer should be wrong


    Please add more kanji in the lessons. It's only hurting to leave it out


    It said "I don't usually wear hats" is wrong, should be added as an option


    "Usually" seems a bit more specific than あまり, but maybe that's a valid translation as well.


    This was filled in for me?


    If I say, "I do not wear hats that often" instead of "very often", how would that change the sentence? Should this be accepted or not?


    I put "I do not often wear hats". Does that count?


    My answer I don't wear my hats very often keeps saying that I am wrong but I'm sure it is right


    I said "I do not wear hats that much" and it was marked wrong.


    why "hats" and not "hat" I think both should be accepted Please enlighten me and sorry for my bad english


    both should be accepted. Both are correct.


    'I do not often wear hats', has the same meaning as 'I do not often wear hats'


    This sentence has the same meaning as...itself....Yeeeesssss, it does... ??


    Clearly I meant the for one of those sentences to be the target sentence. But I accidentally typed out the way that is most natural for me to express the idea, twice.


    Not looking at the sentence at first, I heard "America" in my head, but it didn't quite sound like アメリカ. Needless to say it made me very confused for a moment, even once I began analyzing the sentence lol.


    This should be 「私はぼうしをあまりかぶりません」, right? Hats are the direct object and should be marked with を instead of は.


    So how do you say "I do wear hats often."




    Actually たくさん describes an amount/quantity. You wouldn't use it to describe the frequency of an action - you would use よく - an adverb to describe a verb.

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