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  5. "かのじょたちはみんな女の子です。"


Translation:They are all girls.

June 16, 2017


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When would you ever use this sentence? Isn't the fact that they are all girls in the use of かのじょたち? It just seems odd to me.


Maybe someone asked you about a group of people they don't know very well. Then you reply with this sentence. They are all girls. But then you still need to use correct form of "they" obviously, and you can't just say "They all are" either. Like when someone asks you "Is this person a boy or a girl?" and you would have to say "She is a girl", even though "She" already implies the gender.


I also thought this the first time I read it, but then it occurred to me that you could be referring to a group of females that you can't see but wanted to point out that they're girls instead of grown women.


This is exactly what I thought too. Or a large enough group that it's not trivial to verify all the ages. Perhaps the girls are lined up for a ride and need children's seats, or someone is enquiring about the group eating off the children's menu at a restaurant. There are a hundred reasons to say this in this way.


The かのじょたち part just indicates that they're all female, not that they're all girls.


"They all are girls" should've been accepted.


It should, but it sounds better the other way.


I typed "They're all girls" and it got accepted


When u show your favorite japanese band to a normal person


Haha) Well, in my case it would be kanojo-tachi wa otoko no hito desu))


かのじょたち means those women (girls). This sentence is saying those girls are all girls. We normally say その人たちthose people or そのこどもたち those children. You can also omit "they" and say simply みんな女の子です。But when you are learning languages, you might have to translate every word.


女の子、男の子、are usually children. Teenagers can be called this way, but if a person is working, he or she is not 男の子 or 女の子even if he or she is a teen. If your boss calls you this way, you are considered as a novice or your boss is just rude! I think 女の子、男の子are mostly used for younger people than English "girl" and "boy".




みんな is usually used only in kana though.


Why is みんな necessary here? Can't it be just かのじょたちは女の子です ?


Because the sentence states that they are ALL girls.


"Those women are all girls." should also be an accepted translation.


Can we just say it? かれらはみんな女子です。 Karera"they" Minna Onnako" Are All girls.. It's confusing sometimes haha

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