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Frustrating French!

When will French be out of beta? And is it possible to skip ahead in the lessons? This is both too buggy and too basic to be useful right now.

June 25, 2012



You can skip ahead by testing out of levels.


I haven't tried other languages in DuoLingo, so I'm not sure about skipping levels. I started at the basics in French, found it was too basic, and tried testing out of a level. I found that even taking the test was a worthwhile learning experience. True, it's a bit buggy, but I'm finding it more helpful in learning conjugation than a very expensive language software I have used often.


The basic-ness of it suits me, as am only a n00b with French. I'm finding it helpful, like toni, for sorting out the baffling complexity of the verbs for eating, drinking, reading and writing.


There´s no padlocks for the French tests, such as are present in Spanish. It also often takes several trials to test out of the skills because you have to figure out what the errors are and enter the correct error to get through some of the tests, or go through each Lesson doing the same thing. As well, the flowchart only goes as far as Passive V. and then is not enabled after that. Two options: instead of using the testing, work through by doing translations. Most of the subjects don´t have translations attached, but you can go to the ¨Translations¨ tab at the top for this. Or else, follow a bunch of advanced people and watch what they translate, picking the ones that sound interesting for youself. I did this toward the end, and I wish I had done it right from the start. The second option is to submit all the correct answers and options to each question as you go through and eventually the tests will be corrected and the wrong answers removed. This is frustrating, but we have to keep in mind that we´re working with a beta version and its free. It would be nice if we could volunteer to help with this, but I haven´t found any actually contact or commmunication tabs.

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