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Thank you Duolingo!

Hello everybody, I have to thank Duolingo for help. I learned many things and i am happy, because I am better. My name is John and I am 14 y.o I was born in the Czech republic and I love english. i am going to continue.

Bye, have a nice day.

June 16, 2017



That's great, I love there, It's so beautiful there, I'd love to learn about the Language and the Culture of Czech Republic.


I agree :) That is great! Keep going :)


That's great :D. Your english is really good considering you're only at level 13, keep up the good work. Have a lingot :)


Thank you! I have big dream, I would like to study in England. It is very nice place to be :) So this is reason why i study english.


Well done, and do keep it up. Learning is so much easier when you are young, and it lasts a whole lifetime!

Travel is also very good for the mind, and languages help you do that too!


Thank you! I'm going to continue in learning. I am glad that people learn foreign languages.

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