"Suchst du diese Zeitschrift?"

Translation:Are you looking for this magazine?

March 22, 2014

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I mistakenly understood this sentence to mean "Are you searching the magazine?" (for some information in the magazine itself). Now I am curious how one would say what I meant? Thanks in advance.


That would be "durchsuchst du diese Zeitschrift?"


is it Zeitschrift more or less a magazine or a newspaper (Zeitung)?


die Zeitschrift is a magazine.


Acording to Duo is newspaper too, are they really interchangeable?


I have no idea what all the English speaking countries consider a magazine and what a newspaper. I can't even say it for all German speaking regions. But for me, Zeitung is a bunch of very big paper sheets that are not stapled together, while Zeitschrift is made from smaller, colorful pages that are bound like a book.


That's just how I know it in the US. Could a Zeitschrift also be a journal as in a professional journal or periodical?


sakasiru Thank you and not only for this reply but for the many, many times I've gotten complete and comprehensive explanations from your posts. When I see your avatar I know I'll get trustworthy info. It's greatly appreciated.


Yes, that's also Zeitschrift.


Well, I've been wrong before, but I always try my best ;)


Same distinction in the US.


I answered magazine, which is right, and was surprised to see that Duolingo offered me "Are you looking for this newspaper" as an alternative correct answer. This, as far as I know is wrong. It's just like sakasiru describes it. I don't know anybody who uses the words interchangeably (I have been fluent in German for a very long time) and the dictionary backs me up. I think Duolingo should remove that as an alternative. I'll report it.


I typed newspaper and it was wrong.


Even in the hover down menu it has "magazine" listed first with "newspaper" nowhere to be found. This lesson also started off with "magazine" as the translation. So I don't know why we have this change in the middle of a lesson


why addiction does not work


What is an addiction? Leo help!


Leo tells this word has nothing to do with a newspaper nor paper in general.


Did some confusion occur here? As it happens " Sucht" (noun, fem., upper case) means addiction and (in this case) has nothing to do with the verb "suchen" (to look for, search for) even thought the conjugation for the 3rd pers. singular is "sucht" (lower case.) So if someone here entered sucht (instead of suchst) in leo, they may have been led down the wrong path.


Shouldn't it be "Suchst du für diese Zeitschrift?"


Omg, what a tongue twister.

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