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# of Points?

Is there some way to see what your current point score is.? Not how many to the next level but how many you've earned between the last level and the next one.

June 16, 2017



Not directly, but you could use the table on the Duo wiki to check the XP for your current level and subtract that from your current total XP


Gracias, Jersebas, I didn't know that existed. Just what I wanted.


there are two ways. TheAgentKid is correct, that is one way. the other way is to go to the leaderboard (right below the button that says strengthen skills). Press on your name and it will go to the same page mentioned before.


Gracias Samantha729294, pero, I think Jersebas has the best way. Take a look.


Go to your profile and on the right it should say "Achievements". Under that it should show your courses along with your experience(points).

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