"Discuss sentence" button (with existing comments) occasionally leads to Error 404

Just entered a bug report. First report and first post for me, so apologies if I missed something. I did a search but didn't spot existing forum posts with exactly the same issue (at least not with concise headers), so here goes:

***I'm using Chrome on PC (Windows 7)

Occasionally, when clicking on the "Discuss sentence" button (WITH existing comments already), the new tab will navigate to and then immediately redirect to "Error 404" page.

Most recent example is Polish lesson Present 1, section 2 out of 5: And the sentence is "On widzi wino." with 4 comments present already according to the "Discuss sentence" button.

Editing to add: Polish lesson Present 1, section 3 out of 5 "Kocham jedzenie." with 8 comments already present ... here's a sentence I would love to discuss :D

I can see in the forum that people have issues with new tabs "disappearing" and people not being able to start a new discussion, or clicking the button and nothing happens, but this seems different from those issues.

June 16, 2017


I've also had that a few times, both in Firefox in Windows 10 and Chrome in Android (I don't use the Android app, I use the web version). The same discussions give the error on both platforms, so I assumed that the conversation had actually been deleted (maybe the phrase itself had been changed as a result of the feedback).

June 17, 2017

Hi, I'm using the web version of Duoling through Firefox version 54 on Windows 7 and sometimes (only tried with spanish for portuguese speakers course) when I click the "Discuss sentence" link it tries to open the correct page (doesn't go to undefined) but ends up landing on the Error 404 page.

If Cringy is right about the reasoning behind the conversation deletion, then something else needs to be done to correctly reset the discussion about the new sentence, right? Looks like the both the conversation and the exercise had links to each other, the conversation got deleted but the link on the exercise wasn't updated.

August 1, 2017
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