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difficulty in learning french

many of french words are silent and i am unable to understand the audio. because of this most of the audio questions i answer go wrong. any help to overcome this?

March 5, 2013



After a while you start hearing the robot woman's voice more clearly. I had the worst time with "le"and "les" for a while. Since, I kept getting singular and plural wrong, I started paying more attention to the verbs and pronouns rather than the word itself. For example "le garçon" and "les garçons" is difficult to distinguish, but "est" and "sont" are very different.

I've also started writing whatever I think the woman is saying all the way through even if I have to write words out phonetically and then try to translate my sentence into English. Many times I'll find minor errors during my translations back into english (or more likely completely illogical sentences). But by writing the whole sentence sometimes you can figure out the context of what you are missing.


There are a lot of rules with pronunciation you can learn to help you figure out what words are being used. Its hard to help when I dont know what words you are struggling with though!

le and les were definitely the most difficult for me - but I learned that "les" sounds like "lay" in english and now its what I use to tell me when plural is being used.

Im sure there are some youtube videos that explain the pronunication rules out there

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